Can I Wear Socks in Summer? 

Can I Wear Socks in Summer
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While socks may have been neglected by designers in the early days but today the scene has totally changed. Today socks are seen as a small and important accessory in a person’s wardrobe. Besides that, socks are more seen as a winter accessory than a summer accessory. The reason behind that is that it’s not cool when you wear socks in summer because who wants to cover their feet with a piece of cloth to let the air pass through. Well, this was true in the past now it’s totally changed, you may be thinking how? Let’s know-how. This also brings us to today’s topic which is can I wear socks in summer? 

Can I wear socks in summer? 

Yes, you can wear socks in summer. In fact, all should wear socks in summer because socks are not only to protect your feet from cold in winters. A pair of good and breathable fabric socks are important to keep your feet from sweating and let the air pass through. If you go sockless then your feet may get sweaty and catch the bad odor which is unhygienic and can ruin your vibe. 

Now, you know socks are important but do you need separate pair of socks for summers? If yes then what socks should you buy for summer. Besides that summer is more about flip-flops and sandals than boots and sneakers on a casual basis. This raises a question which is can you go sockless in summer? Well don’t worry today I will cover all questions for you and give a complete summer socks guide in a way that you never need any other blog post to go through for 10 minutes. 

Sockless summer

There are a lot of men and women out there who don’t feel good about the touch of socks and so that’s why they prefer to go sockless in Summer. 


Going sockless is very easy in summer because you have a lot of options like loafers and flip-flops that you can pull off easily without socks. 

The problem arises when your feet sweat a lot like my feet. Some people sweat more than others and you can consider yourself Lucky if you sweat rarely or less. To overcome the mild sweat there are a lot of options available like – talcum powder, sweat spray that you can apply on your feet before wearing any shoes. These are great options for particulars who sweat less and not too much like me because there is no way that any spray or powder can prevent that amount of moisture for a long period of time. 

If you are confident about the sockless option then you should also know that not all types of shoes are compatible with this option. What do I mean by that? Well, there are a lot of shoes made of different materials. Shoes that are made of premium quality tend to release moisture and avoid any bad odor. On the other side, there are a lot of shoes that are not compatible with the sockless approach because of the lack of ability to avoid bad odor for long. 

If all things are in your favor and you want to go sockless then one last thing you should consider is what type of shoes compliments the sockless look. Loafers, sandals are the one way to go sockless in summers because it reveals your skin in the open and lets the air pass through it. In the case of formal shoes with suits, I would recommend you to go with a great pair of socks. 

Speaking of great pair socks. What really should you buy in summer?  Well, let’s find out. 

Can I Wear Socks in Summer
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How to choose socks for Summer

Socks as a whole come in a lot of fabric materials. There are different varieties of socks to provide different purposes. Wool socks are more regarded as hiking socks and whereas blends of polyester and natural fabrics like wool are also more beneficial during winters. But when it comes to summers all you need is a breathable fabric in your foot that lets the air pass through it and avoid moisture. Natural fibers like cotton are one of the most used materials in socks for summer.

While cotton is one of the fabrics for socks in summer, it is not a good fabric to let go moisture which makes your feet wet in summer if cotton socks are worn for long. 

So what’s the best fabric for summer socks? 

Well, besides cotton there are two types of best summer socks which are – bamboo socks and angora socks. Both socks carry a great amount of Breathability, wicking and are great in letting go of the moisture. Both materials are better than cotton. Angora is best of all because it is more breathable and carries and can easily let go of moisture.  If you don’t find any option great for you then you can experiment with other options like linen socks which also provide great breathability and wicking features. 

The fabric alone is not the only requirement you should look for in summer socks, another thing you should keep in mind is the color of the socks. Bright and cool colors can set the vibe for the occasion, something like blue socks with white patterns is a great pair for summer experiments. The difference between winter and summer socks is that will winter socks are more of dark and dim tone colors like dark brown, dark grey, etc, whereas summer socks are more colorful and bright in color. While selecting a socks color you must consider the outfit in your consideration, and check if it compliments the outfit. 

Last but not least you need a pair of socks that is short in length. You don’t need high ankle socks in summer because you don’t need any protection from the cold, all you need is air. The less the socks the better it is. The best option is to go with under ankle socks that not only protect you from bad odor but also are not visible and you look sockless. You can choose this option with loafers, sneakers, trainers, or any kind of shoes except when you dress formally with formal shoes. If you dress up for a formal event then I would recommend you to always go with normal size upper ankle socks, still, you can experiment with colors and patterns as per the occasion demands. 

I want you to make sure you have at least two pairs of under ankle socks for alternative days and one pair of normal socks for any formal event. 

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Why should you wear socks in summer? 

There are many reasons why you should wear socks. While there are a lot of reasons, still many people prefer to go sockless and I think that is totally fine and great if you can pull off that way. But besides that, I will always recommend you all to wear socks as you go out to avoid bad odor and smell which may lead to embarrassment. Unless you sweat rarely you should prefer socks in summers. And there is a reason why you should do this so –

  • Tan protection
  • Bad odor or smell
  • Prevent itchiness
  • Avoid blisters
  • Prevent dry soles
  • Wearing socks gives you the option to experiment. 


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