Can you wear basketball shoes casually? : 3 effective ways

Can you wear basketball shoes casually
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Can you wear basketball shoes casually? Pick any sports shoe and you will find that, basketball shoes are the expensive ones with so much craze in the young generation.

Basketball shoes became more popular when Micheal Jordan released his first Jordan series with the partnership with Nike.

The hype was that great that people spend as many as possible to get those Jordan pairs in their wardrobe.

While most people only buy basketball shoes just for showcase or as a collection of art in their wardrobe, a small portion of people who buy basketball shoes is a sportsperson who buys to improve their performance.


But with that, does basketball shoes are just for showcase or you can only wear them on a game day?. After spending so much money, do you really need them to sit in your wardrobe? Well, today we focus on this topic which is -” can you basketball shoes casually”.

If you are confused then don’t worry, I was also confused when I bought my first pair of basketball shoes without knowing anything.

I have this craze of buying basketball shoes without knowing with what I can wear them? I can’t wear them at the game because I’m not a professional basketball player. So, what I did with those shoes, is buying basketball shoes worth it casually?. Let’s find out. 

Can you wear basketball shoes casually? 

Yes, you can wear basketball shoes casually and as well as for your game. Basketball ball shoes are worn more casually than any other sports shoes. The reason behind that is the unique and stylish design that makes them more designer shoes than any sports shoes. You can wear basketball shoes with jeans, joggers, and shorts. 

Before styling basketball shoes with jeans or any other outfit, you should know how to wear basketball shoes casually, so that they will complement the outfit and don’t ruin the whole outlook.

From selecting shoes to styling them with the different outfits, you should know what compliments which outfit.

For example, not all jeans can be worn with basketball shoes.

To know how to style or wear basketball shoes casually, I have prepared a whole guide for you. If you are interested then you can check some key basics of styling basketball shoes with casual outfits. 

Ways to wear basketball shoes casually 

Wear basketball shoes with jeans

Wearing basketball shoes with jeans is the oldest trend that lasts even today. Even today, the trend for basketball shoes and jeans is high on the streets.

That said, a lot of people make small mistakes that ruin their whole outlook. There are some key points you should keep in check before styling your basketball shoes with jeans. 

Avoid baggy jeans or bell bottoms

A lot of people make this mistake. The reason for this mistake is that lot of people prefer comfortability over any style.

Well, that’s a valid point but sometimes too much comfortability puts you on the embarrassing side.

So, to avoid any of that embarrassing moments, you should avoid loose baggy jeans.

Jeans that are loose cover up your whole shoes, which cuts down the purpose of wearing basketball shoes.

Basketball shoes are high ankle shoes and you need to make sure that their design is visible when you wear any pants or jeans over them. 

The best way is to slim down your jeans or buy slim jeans from the store. Besides that, some people make another mistake which is totally opposite of before.

They wear too skinny jeans with basketball shoes. This is also wrong because basketball shoes are big and wearing too skinny jeans over them, makes your legs look skinny and your foot big.

A lot of people made this mistake and received great laughs from viewers. So, make sure your jeans are slim enough that it doesn’t cover shoes from the bottom, and avoid too skinny jeans that makes you and others uncomfortable. 

The last thing is to make sure the length of your jeans is perfect.

Length is important because a lot of pins roll their pants which looks wrong, usually when you are wearing high ankle sneakers.

Well, in the earliest it remains to attend that people used to pin roll their pants while wearing Air Jordan 1.

Well, now it’s about simplicity and you should avoid Pin Rolling your jeans. Instead, you should let your jeans sit on top of your shoes.

Besides that, you should make sure that the length should not exceed too much that it looks baggy from the bottom.

Slight long work good but make sure it’s not too much. Also, you should avoid jeans or pants that are too small in length.

Too small jeans or pants will not be able to sit on sneakers and creates a gap between pants and shoes, which looks odd and wrong in any fashion sense. 

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Wear basketball shoes with joggers

What can be a better way to style basketball shoes than joggers? Joggers and basketball shoes make an athletic pair and can be worn casually as your day out.

The slim elastic cuffs at the bottom of the joggers are the perfect design that compliments the basketball-high neck shoes.

You can pair your basketball sneakers with a jogger and polo shirt or with t-shirts. In winter you can match it with a nice hoodie. 

Wear basketball shoes with shorts

Basketball shoes are meant to be worn with basketball shorts. The basketball shoes are designed in a way that they can complement when you wear the shorts on the ground.

Well, it’s not limited to only basketball shorts, you can wear them with casual shorts in summer. 

Best basketball shoes to style casually

These are some best basketball shoes that can be wrong casually on a day out. The list contains some of my personal preferences and some of the fashion designer and magazines picks. Because most basketball shoes are expensive, so it’s always great to spend your money on one of the best if you have to. 

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