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Rashmika Mandanna is a versatile actress known for her roles in Geetha Govindam, Bheeshma, Kirik Party, and Dear Comrade.
Mandanna popularly referred to as the ‘Karnataka Crush’ or ‘South expression’ queen by the Indian media.


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Actress Rashmika Mandanna got her big break in 2014 by participating in a clean and clear fresh face contest. She also received the title of TVC In Lamode Bangalore’s top model hunt. Makers of the film Kirik party caught eyes on her and offered her the lead role in the film. This turns out to be the best thing for Rashmika Mandanna. Things happened quickly after that and in 2018 she made her Telugu film debut with Chalo. She also featured in the romantic comedy Geetha Govindam which became one of the highest gross movies in Telugu cinema.


To start your Rashmika Mandanna movie marathon, we are counting down our picks for the movies of Rashmika Mandanna that made the Indian audience referred her as Karnataka crush. For this list, we are taking a look at those films that show Rashmika Mandanna at its finest.

Kirik Party(2016)

Everything about this movie works, with lightheartedness and excellent humor. The college-based movie has few primary things common -the hero and his friends are backbenchers, rivalry among college students, and hero heroine romance. We can find a resemblance to the on-screen characters. Audience love to watch these type of movies as every person find some of the moments attached to his life. Everybody wants to memorize those college days as we friends who bear some resemblance to the on-screen characters.

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Rashmika Mandanna is vibrant and fresh, and the highlight of the film. In particular the actress is admired for her beautiful facial expressions. Her beautiful and cute portrayal of Saanvi will surely remind all the guys their unforgettable crush from college days. The only reason why I’m ranking it a bit lower here is that, ultimately, the film is good, but it’s not the best showcase of Rashmika Mandanna’s talents as we have seen in recent movies. Rashmika’s performance isn’t bad but it is not good as her other prominent work like in Geetha Govindam.


Is Chalo a great movie? Eh…not really, if I’m being completely honest. But it’s pretty much watchable. The story revolves around the blood-thirsty villagers(known as Telugus and Tamils) . The village is divided by the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The hero tries to end this rivalry that started in 1953 and unites the hearts once and for all. Even though the plot is not quite good the director keeps the audience entertained with comedy scenes that elevate the film completely. Rashmika makes an impressive impression and suits perfectly in her role. If Rashmika has a little bit more scenes the movie could turn onto a love story and the audience would love to watch that.

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This is the first time when we have seen Nani and Nagarjuna together in a film and Director Sriram Adittya must be appreciated for this. This is the first time we see bromance between Nagarjuna and Nani. Both  Actors are quite different from one another in terms of acting performance and when we join two powerhouse action performers we can see the sort of terrific show. Actors manage to make this movie a comedy centered with the hilarious scene which will impress the audience positively.

The story revolves around the doctor who managed to save don life and later it turns into a friendship. Later doctor finds out the real consequences of being friends with the don. Devadas about two people showing each other that life is full of surprises, and it helps them to transform the life of each other. Nani, Nagarjuna, and Rashmika have performed a terrific job in playing their characters. Rashmika has not many scenes but in which she is the audience who has not been able to take eyes from her.


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Dear Comrade(2019)

Dear Comrade is a pretty unique film. It is supposed to be a love story—and yet, it isn’t quite that love story. Dear Comrade is not your Bollywood type story of boy-meets-girl and they fall in love. It’s a journey of two characters- Bobby (Vijay Deverakonda) and Lily (Rashmika Mandanna) discover each other and have nothing in common, draw strength from each other. The #MeToo movement is packaged in a different way. It is a plus point to define the seriousness of this issue. The movie addresses an important message on sexual harassment faced by women in day-to-day work life. Rashmika character is one of the most strong female lead characters of recent times with her terrific performance. The film ends with a note about sexual harassment in our society and how people need to be supportive of the victims.

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Sarileru Neekevvaru(2020)

Sarileru Neekevvaru brings back the old Mahesh Babu. For the last couple of years, He is playing similar roles with minimum disparity and his trademark elements are the same. The movie revolves around an army officer returning from his job and finding himself to solve the problems in society. Director Anil Ravipudi’s Sarileru Neekevvaru provided a proper family entertainer. Mahesh Babu and Rashmika Mandanna comedy timing are too good and chemistry among these characters is one of the best things. By just looking at them we get the feeling that they are the best couple. Mahesh dance in the ‘Mind Block’ song which will be a treat for the audience. He performed supremely well. If you are looking for a family entertainer and also love patriotic movies this is the one you should watch.


After a long time, Nithin does a superb job alongside Rashmika Mandanna. After a gap of one and a half years, Nithin comes up with a film called Bheeshma. Director Venky Kudumula has given Nithin and Rashmika good characters.  He transforms them into completely different characters with comedy, fights, and dances as we haven’t seen them in a long time. The story revolves around Bheeshma (Nithiin), a singleton, whose repeated attempts to fall in love often end on a bad note. When he eventually falls in love with Chaitra (Rashmika Mandanna), his life takes an unexpected turn. Rashmika comedy timing is hilarious. Her dialogue delivers is great with good expressions is the biggest plus point of the film. Bheeshma packs in plenty of laughs and, which works largely because of its original writing and entertainment.

Geetha Govindam(2018)

Rashmika Mandanna’s best movie in her entire career is Geetha Govindam. The audience appreciated this romantic comedy directed by Parasuram. Vijay after playing an alcoholic medical surgeon with anger issues in Arjun Reddy. Now has played the ideal man of every woman’s dream. This was tough but there’s no denying that he can pull off any role with ease. On the other hand, Rashmika performs a headstrong professional who loves her family and has plans about her future. It is one the movie which any person should watch in a lifetime. Despite its flaws, Geetha Govindam is a film that gets most things right associated with its genre.

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