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Is A Short Coat OR Long Coat Better ?

short coat or long coat
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Winter’s here, and you need a coat to keep you cozy when you step outside. But with so many styles, choosing between a short or long coat can be tricky. Don’t worry, this blog is your guide to picking the perfect winter warmer!

Short coat or long coat?

Choosing between both can be complicated sometimes, especially if you don’t want to spend your money to buy both coats. Buying both types of coats can be costly for most people and there is no sense to spend all your money on coats.

If you have money for one coat only then it is better to look for a good quality coat and not to buy both coats with cheap quality. So here are some benefits and versatility of both the coats which will help decide which is the better option between short coat and long coat.

Short Coat:

short coat or long coat

Firstly, let’s discuss about the pros of short coats and why it might suit your needs better than long coat and later we will discuss about some demerits that you should consider before putting your complete trust in short coats.


  • Stylish: There is no denying that Short coats come in a wider variety of designs and colors, allowing you to express your personal style. There are a variety of designs available for short coats and you can easily find them on most brands.
  • Easy to maneuver: They offer greater freedom of movement, making them ideal for active lifestyles or commuting. So, if you are someone who wants to wear your coat most of the time then short coats allow you that freedom that you can carry them on you for a whole day.
  • More affordable: Generally, short coats are less expensive than their long counterparts. Now, this is not always true but most of the time if you look at both types of coats on the same brand, you will find that short coats cost less. The reason is simple,  and that is less use of material.
  • Transitional: short coats offer versatility to the user. Many styles work well for both autumn and spring, extending their wearability.  Unlike long coats which look best in winter only you can wear them but longer.

short coat or long coat


  • Limited warmth: They offer less protection against harsh weather, making them unsuitable for someone who lives in freezing cold region.  So, before buying you should definitely consider this aspect. Moreover, short coats don’t look that appealing in harsh winters.
  • Less coverage: Another drawback of short coats is that they leave your legs exposed, requiring additional layering for warmth.

Long Coat:

Now let’s talk about a classic piece that has been in the fashion world for a very long. There is no denying that everyone should have one long coat in their wardrobe if they want to make some statement or want to look classy in harsh winters.

short coat or long coat


  • Ultimate warmth: The first merit of long coats is their longer length which provides maximum coverage and insulation, making them perfect for frigid climates.
  • Protective: Long coats not only make you look classy but they shield you from wind, rain, and snow, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Sophisticated: Long coats often exude an air of elegance and sophistication, perfect for formal occasions. You can style them with suits, and for a casual look, you can also style them with a hoodie and turtleneck (the most popular combination with long coats). If you are a female you can also wear long coats over a dress, and can even wear over top and trousers to create a semi-formal look for the office.


  • Bulkier: Unlike short coats, long coats can be heavy, which limits mobility and makes them less practical for everyday activities. Moreover carrying a long coat for a whole day can be a task in itself. So, if you don’t want the extra pressure of taking care of your coat everywhere you go, a short coat is a better pick for you.
  • Limited style: While not entirely true, the selection of long coats might be narrower compared to short styles. Finding a long coat of your will can be challenging. Moreover, not all brands have long coats in their section and even if they have the stock is less.
  • Pricey: High-quality long coats can be a significant investment. Though a long coat can last you years to come. But for that sometimes you have to spend as much as twice the price of a short coat. However, if you want a classic piece in your wardrobe then spending on a long coat should not be considered as bad spending.

The Verdict:

The ideal choice depends on your priorities and climate. If you want to feel free and don’t want to bother about your coat wherever you go then short coats are a better option for you.

Moreover, if style and flexibility reign supreme and you live in a mild climate, then also a short coat might be your champion.

short coat or long coat

But for those who prioritize ultimate warmth and protection in harsh winters, a long coat is the undefeated heavyweight.

Moreover, if you prefer that classic James Bond and Sherlock Holmes detective look then nothing can beat long coats.

One thing that everyone should admit is that long coats do give more formal and classy outlook in comparison to short coats.

But short coats are trending heavily because of the freedom and ease they provide to the wearer.

Remember, you can always have both! Invest in a stylish short coat for milder seasons and a warm, long coat for the coldest months. With this strategic wardrobe duo, you’ll conquer any weather in style and comfort.

Bonus Tip: Try different lengths in stores to see what flatters your body type!

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What should be the length of the long coat and short coat?

Unfortunately, there’s no single “right” length for long or short coats, as it depends on various factors that vary from person to person. Here’s what you need to consider:

short coat or long coat

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For Long Coats:

Body Proportion:

Tall:  Body proportion is the most neglected factor in coats but some know the importance of this. So if you are tall, let’s say above 5.9 feet then Long coats can look incredibly flattering on you.

If you fall in this category, knee-length or full-length options are best. Know that anything that is up your knees or just touches your knees will not look good on you.

The coat length should be at least 2-3 inches down your knees. If you want full protection you can go with a longer coat that goes down to your ankle.

Short:  On the other hand if you are short in height, which is below 5.9 then you should avoid overwhelming your frame with an ankle-length coat.

You should Opt for knee-length or just below the knee for a balanced look. For a better look, you can also consider coats with cinched waists or belts to create a definition.


Harsh winters: There is no denying that Full-length coats offer you maximum warmth and protection. But on top of that long coats also look more appealing when worn in winter when the temperature is freezing. It is like matching your outfit with the occasion.

Milder climates: But if you want to wear a long coat in winter when the temperature is not that freezing, then you should consider Knee-length or just below the knee can be more practical and comfortable.

Personal Style:

Classic: If you don’t want to do measurements and just want to know what will look classy on you then you should know that below Knee-length or full-length is timeless and sophisticated length for long coats.

Modern: If you want to create a modern look but don’t like the idea of very long coats then Experiment with asymmetrical cuts, bold colors, or shorter lengths like mid-calf. This is a better option if you want something that looks like it is made for me.

For Short Coats:

short coat or long coat

Body Proportion:

Tall: If you are a tall woman then Any length works for you, but cropped styles can add visual interest. For tall men something that touches the end of your buttocks is the perfect length in short.

Don’t go with too short coat if you are a man as it will not look as appealing as it will look on tall women.

The simple rule for men in selecting the length of a short coat is matching it with the length of your suit blazer.

Short: if you are a short woman Opt for lengths above the knee to elongate your legs. Avoid styles that hit mid-thigh, which can visually shorten your stature.

If you want a polished look then Blazer-inspired short coats is a better option.


  • Comfort is key. Before selecting any coat remember to Choose a length that allows for ease of movement and doesn’t restrict your activities.
  • Experiment! Try different lengths and styles to see what looks best on you.
  • Layering is your friend. Combine a shorter coat with scarves, sweaters, and leggings for added warmth in colder climates.

What is the right color for a short coat and a long coat?

Choosing the right color for your coat, whether long or short, can be tricky. You want something versatile that complements your existing wardrobe and at the same time goes with the trend also. Here are some timeless color options for both long and short coats:

Long Coats:

  • Neutrals: Neutrals are your ultimate safe bets, offering endless outfit combinations. You can style neutral colors with almost anything.

short coat or long coat

  • Camel: A classic and sophisticated choice, camel pairs beautifully with black, white, navy, denim, and other neutrals.
credit: ralph lauren


  • Navy: Deep, rich, and timeless, navy offers a touch of edge while remaining versatile. It complements most colors and creates a polished look.
  • Charcoal Gray: A lot of people don’t know about the versatility of this color as it is Elegant and chic, this is another neutral that goes with everything. It is slightly lighter than black and adds a touch of modern edge to the outlook.

short coat or long coat

  • Black: This ultimate classic is perfect for making a statement or creating a sleek, minimalist look. This is a color that you can pick any day without going wrong.

  • Earthy Tones: If you love nature then you also about These tones that evoke nature and offer a warm, timeless feel.

  • Olive Green: This is an Earthy and sophisticated color, which complements a wide range of colors, from neutrals to bold brights. It’s a great choice for a long coat as it adds depth and richness.


  • Burgundy: This color is Rich and luxurious, Moreover, it adds a touch of elegance and pairs well with neutrals, blues, and greens. It’s a bolder option than the classic neutrals but remains versatile.

short coat or long coat


  • Consider your existing wardrobe: Choose a color that complements most of the clothes that you already have in your wardrobe to maximize versatility.
  • Think about your style: Before making the decision it is best to know what you like, Do you prefer classic neutrals or bold pops of color? You should choose something that reflects your personality.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment: It is best to try on different colors to see what flatters you most.
  • Quality matters: Always Invest in a well-made coat in a timeless color that will last for years to come.

Styling Your Long and Short Coats Like a Pro

Now that you’ve chosen your winter warrior – short coat or long coat – let’s discuss about styling! Remember, fashion is your playground, so have fun and experiment to find what makes you feel fabulous.

Credit freepik

Short Coat Swagger:

  • Casual Cool: Rock your short coat with jeans, a chunky knit sweater, and ankle boots for effortless everyday style. Add a pop of color with a scarf or beanie.
  • City Chic: Elevate your look with a tailored short coat, a midi skirt, and knee-high boots. A statement necklace or bold earrings can add sophistication.
  • Sporty Spice: Pair your short coat with leggings, sneakers, and a graphic tee for a comfy yet stylish athleisure vibe. Don’t forget a cool baseball cap!
  • Monochrome Magic: Create a sleek and modern look by pairing your short coat with clothes in the same color family. Play with textures and fabrics for added depth.
  • Dress It Up: Don’t underestimate the power of a short coat with a dress! Choose a contrasting length for visual interest (mini dress with a longer coat, midi dress with a shorter coat). Heels and statement jewelry can add a touch of glam.

Long Coat Luxury:

  • Cozy Chic: Embrace the full-length warmth with a long coat, skinny jeans, and a fluffy turtleneck sweater. Finish the look with cozy slippers or boots.
  • Winter Wonderland: Channel your inner snow queen with a long coat, a flowy maxi dress, and over-the-knee boots. A faux fur hat and gloves complete the wintery elegance.
  • Power Play: Exude boss vibes with a long coat, tailored trousers, and a crisp white shirt. Pointy heels and a sleek clutch add to the powerful aura.
  • Layering Master: Long coats are layering champions! Play with textures and lengths by layering a shorter coat or vest underneath. Experiment with scarves and hats for added personality.
  • Unexpected Fun: Break the rules and pair your long coat with unexpected pieces like ripped jeans, a graphic tee, and sneakers for a cool, edgy look.

Bonus Tips:

  • Accessorize: Elevate your look with scarves, gloves, hats, and belts. They add warmth, personality, and visual interest.
  • Footwear Matters: Boots are classic winter companions, but don’t be afraid to experiment with sneakers or heels depending on the style and occasion.
  • Proportions are Key: Balance is crucial. If your coat is oversized, opt for slimmer fit clothes underneath. Conversely, a tailored coat can handle looser layers.
  • Embrace Your Style: Don’t be afraid to break the mold and create your unique look! Fashion is about expressing yourself, so have fun and rock your coat with confidence.

Types of long and short Coats

The fabric of your coat plays a crucial role in both warmth and style. Here are some popular options:

  • Wool: The classic choice, offering warmth, breathability, and timeless style. Consider heavier weights for harsh winters and lighter blends for milder climates.

short coat or long coat

  • Cashmere: Luxuriously soft and warm, but delicate and often more expensive. Ideal for special occasions or investment pieces.
  • Down: Provides exceptional insulation, but may not be water-resistant. Opt for treated down if battling wet weather.

  • Synthetic blends: Affordable and often water-resistant, but might not breathe as well as natural fibers.

short coat or long coat


The truth is, there’s no single victor in this battle. Just like snowflakes, each person’s needs and preferences are unique. So, how do you choose your winter coat champion?

Ultimately, the perfect winter coat is the one that makes you feel comfortable, warm, and confident. Don’t be afraid to experiment, try different lengths and styles, and see what flatters your body and reflects your personality. Remember, the most important factor is YOU!

So, step out there, armed with this newfound knowledge, and conquer winter in style!


Why Do My Nike Shoes Squeak When I Walk ?

Why Do My Nike Shoes Squeak When I Walk

You got brand new Nikes! They look awesome, feel comfy, and make you look cool. But then suddenly they start squeaking! Don’t panic, tons of people suffer from squeaky Nikes. This guide will help you understand why they squeak and how to shut them up for good!

Let’s dive into the squeaky sneaker world and find solutions to bring peace back to your walks.

Why do Nike shoes squeak?

Why Do My Nike Shoes Squeak When I Walk

There are several reasons why your Nike shoes squeak while walking. Some of these reasons are very common with shoes different than Nike. So let’s discuss the reasons behind that

New shoes: Sometimes the reason behind squeaking is the new shoes that you just bought from Nike.

The new shoes have a sturdy sole which causes more friction with the ground and as a result, produces that annoying sound.

This is with most of the shoes that have rubber soles and the sound disappears after some
wear. If the sound doesn’t disappear after wear then the reason behind squeaking
is different.

Air technology: Most of you already are aware of the famous technology used by Nike in their shoes i.e. air technology.

This technology is used in some of the most popular shoes like Nike Air Max.

If you have the same shoes or shoes that share the same technology then you should know that models with visible air units can trap moisture within the bubbles, which will lead to squeaking.

Sole Composition: this might be the other or main reason why your Nike shoes squeak. The sole composition is basically the type of rubber used to make the sole.

The shoes made of flexible and softer rubber are more prone to squeaking than a sole which is made of hard and less flexible rubber.

Derbbies stuck – I know you have already checked the outsole of your shoes, but sometimes a small rock can get stuck inside the strides of your outsole, which causes friction and sound with every step you walk. Some shoes have deep strides and I want you to check the outsole of your shoes.

Silencing the squeak

Why Do My Nike Shoes Squeak When I Walk

Break them in – if you bought new shoes then give your shoes some time to adjust to your feet. Walk in them or run to break in the shoes.

Let the shoes adjust to the ground. Most shoes need more break-in than others.

If you have new shoes then you should do that and check if the squeaking problem still persists.

Embrace dryness: Another solution is removing the insole and letting the shoes air out completely. This is a better option if moisture is the reason behind squeaking.

Talc it up: Another popular way of preventing annoying sounds from shoes is sprinkling a small amount of baby powder or talcum powder on the outsole.

Focus mainly on the areas from where the squeak originates.

But before you toss them out, let’s figure out what’s causing the racket.

Remember Not all squeaks are equal:

  • Painful squeak? This could be a bigger problem. Time to see a shoe expert.
  • Just annoying chirps? It might be the shoe itself. Some fancy models, like those with air bubbles, are natural squeakers. Remember that squeaky toy aisle? Same idea.

Squeaky Nikes: A Deep Dive and Advanced Solutions

We’ve already covered the basics, but let’s dig deeper and find ways to shut those shoes up for good. This time, we’re talking about specific models, fancy tricks, and even how to stop the squeaks before they start.

Why Do My Nike Shoes Squeak When I Walk

Got Air Max? Those air bubbles love holding onto water, which makes them squeak like crazy. Try hitting them with a hairdryer on low heat (don’t melt ’em!). Some people swear by special air bubble inserts that claim to silence the squeaks.

Flyknit fanatics? The weaved upper can rub against the lining, making annoying noises. Rub a thin layer of fabric conditioner on the Flyknit to make it smoother and stop the squeaking.

React got you down? The new foam sole might squeak when it’s fresh out of the box or gets wet. Wear them in, use moisture absorbers, and some people say a light spritz of silicone spray helps too.

Can you return Nike shoes if they squeak?

Yes for online and app orders, you can return unworn and unwashed shoes with original tags attached for any reason but that should be within 60 days. The squeaking itself won’t affect eligibility.

If you have purchased something from the store, then the standard return window is 30 days with the same conditions.

Beyond 60 days:

The best thing about Nike is that it offers a warranty against material and workmanship flaws for two years from the manufacturing date.

If the squeaking is caused by such a flaw, then you can still return the shoes. You can contact Nike customer service to initiate the return process.

However, if the reason behind squeaking is normal wear and tear (like dirt buildup or material rubbing) then it will not be covered by the warranty.

If you think squeaking is annoying for you then it’s worth trying to return your squeaky Nike shoes, even if it’s past the standard window. To make sure that Nike accepts your return you can explain the issue clearly and provide evidence like photos or videos if possible.

Remember, Nike customer service has the final say.


Is Eileen Fisher For Old Ladies ?

Is Eileen Fisher For Old Ladies ?
Credit: freepik

Ever wonder what’s inside that mystery box from a movie? Today, we open Eileen Fisher’s box, full of cool surprises!

Forget what you think about “old lady clothes.” Eileen Fisher isn’t about discounts, it’s about feeling great in your skin, any age. Imagine comfy clothes that flatter, not squeeze, and dresses that feel like a soft hug, not a scratchy sweater.

It’s about saying “I feel good, deal with it!” not needing attention. Think Audrey Hepburn meets boho chic, not grandma in a flowery dress. Wait, there’s more! Not just skulls and edgy stuff!

is eileen fisher for old ladies
Credit: Eileen fisher

Eileen Fisher’s clothes change like chameleons! Flowy pants for the beach, crisp shirts for dates, or cozy sweaters for snuggles. You choose, you rock it! Remember, it’s about YOU, not the label.

Tired of clothes that fall apart fast? People love Eileen Fisher’s quality, like wearing a soft cloud forever! Classic styles too, so you invest in pieces you’ll love for years, not just once. Slow fashion, not fast fashion, keeps you warm and stylish always.

Ditch the old ideas and try Eileen Fisher! You might find your new fashion best friend. It’s not grandma’s closet, it’s yours, with a modern twist. Let’s rewrite the Eileen Fisher story together, one comfy outfit at a time!

Can Old Ladies wear Eileen Fisher?

Absolutely! There’s no age limit on looking and feeling great in Eileen Fisher’s clothes.  Here is why it might be the perfect fit, especially for amazing women like you:

is eileen fisher for old ladies
Credit: Eileen fisher
  • Comfy clothes, happy you: Think soft fabrics, relaxed fits, and natural fibers that move with you, not against you. Because, let’s be real, comfort is queen, especially as things change a bit.
  • Quality that lasts: Their clothes are like trusty friends – they stick around and look good doing it. So, you can invest in pieces that you’ll love for ages.
  • Style that never goes out: Forget chasing trends! Eileen Fisher’s designs are classic and timeless, so you can rock them year after year. No fashion faux pas here!
  • Finding your perfect fit: Petite? Plus-size? No worries! They have something for everyone, so you can find clothes that flatter your amazing body.
  • Confidence that shines: In the end, fashion is all about feeling great in what you wear. And if an Eileen Fisher outfit makes you feel stylish and confident, then that’s all that matters! So go on, rock it!

So, while Eileen Fisher can be great for all ages and styles, there’s no denying that their focus on comfort, quality, and timeless design can certainly appeal to older women as well.

Things to Consider About Eileen Fisher

is eileen fisher for old ladies
Credit: Eileen fisher

Eileen Fisher’s clothes are pretty awesome, but they ain’t cheap. Think of investment pieces, not something you just grab on a whim.

Sizing can be tricky sometimes, so be prepared for returns (but their customer service is amazing, super friendly, and helpful!).

If you’re all about the latest trends, Eileen Fisher might not be your gal. Think classic rock instead of Lady Gaga. Think timeless style, not whatever’s hot right now.

Basically, Eileen Fisher is like your wise fashion friend who tells you to rock your own style and forget what the trends say. It’s about quality, comfort, and having clothes that reflect you, the real you, not some fake persona dreamed up by a magazine.

But be prepared to open your wallet a little wider. It’s about investing in yourself and feeling good in your own skin, without the pressure of the constant trend cycle.

What is best for old ladies in Eileen Fisher?

is eileen fisher for old ladies
Credit: Eileen fisher
Eileen Fisher is known for its simple and elegant designs that can complement any body type and age. However, before just going gaga on anything it is best to pick the items that compliments your age. If you don’t have time, don’t worry, I have filtered out some ideas for older ladies that might appeal to them.
First, we will talk about classic silhouettes. It is not unknown that Eileen Fisher is known for their elegant and classic silhouettes. In simple words, most of their clothes fall in the middle, neither they are tight nor too loose.
These types of fitting look flattering on any woman regardless of age. So, if you are an older woman you will find these silhouettes more admirable. Shirt dresses, wrap dresses, and tunics are some of the options that you can pick out from Eileen Fisher that will look stylish, elegant, and most importantly classy regardless of your age.
  • Natural fabrics: Eileen Fisher uses a lot of natural fabrics in its clothing, such as linen, cotton, and silk. These fabrics are soft and comfortable, and they can also be very breathable, which is important for older women who may experience hot flashes.

  • Neutral colors:  They’ve got tons of classic colors like black, white, navy, and beige that you can mix and match like crazy. Dress them up for fancy dinners or keep them chill for weekend walks – they’re super flexible. Plus, they never go out of style, so you know you’ll be comfy and lookin’ good for years to come.

  • Easy care pieces –  The best thing about Eileen Fisher is that are easy to take care of as you can wash them in the washing machine and many of them are wrinkle-free. This is good if you don’t like to do laundry or don’t have enough time to do so.
  • Comfortable shoes – if you think of Eileen Fisher as a clothing brand only then you are wrong. There are many comfortable shoe options as well on Eileen Fisher that you can wear all day if you are an older woman.
Here are some specific items that you might like
Linen shirt – this linen from Eileen Fisher is one of the versatile options that you can pick for yourself. It will look good on anyone regardless of age. On top of that it is very soft and is available in many color options.
The luxe linen pants – if you are looking for breathable pants that you can rock in summer then this linen pant from Eileen Fisher should be in your cart.
  • The Easy Silk Tee: This is a simple and elegant tee that is perfect for everyday wear. It is made from a soft, luxurious silk fabric that feels great against the skin.


Ultimately, it’s your choice.

Love clothes that make you feel amazing without breaking the bank? Then Eileen Fisher might be your new BFF. Think chic, comfy pieces that never go out of style, all at prices that won’t leave you crying.

But hey, if you’re all about the latest trends or your wallet needs a breather, that’s cool too! Fashion is all about what makes YOU feel fantastic, not fancy labels. Rock a full Fisher outfit if you love it, or mix and match it with vintage finds – whatever makes you strut your stuff with confidence!

Want some outfit inspiration? Stay tuned for my next post, where we’ll explore styling Fisher pieces for every occasion and budget.


Veja Campo VS Esplar – Which is Better Option?

Veja Campo VS Esplar

In the ever-expanding universe of footwear, two eco-warriors step onto the sustainable stage – Veja Esplar and Veja Campo.

These aren’t just shoes; they’re a stylish march towards a greener planet.

Buckle up, or rather lace up, as we embark on the soleful showdown of the century!

Veja Campo VS Esplar Differences and Better Option

Veja Campo VS Esplar


In the left corner, we have Veja Esplar, the budget-friendly champion with leather editions ranging from €120-€130 ($130-$140), and canvas options waving at you from €70-€85 ($75-$91).

On the right, the suave Veja Campo enters at €150 ($160) for leather/suede and €175 ($188) for Campo Suede, with limited editions reaching for the stars at €1200.

It’s like choosing between your favorite cozy cafe and a rooftop restaurant that makes your wallet shed a tear.


Esplar struts in with a sleek, thinner sole, while Campo brings the chunky, substantial vibes.

Esplar’s got the traction game; Campo’s got the cushioning and support.

It’s the tough choice between walking comfortably and feeling the ground beneath – both with their perks!

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Esplar rocks sustainable leather certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG).

Campo, on the other foot, sports a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, the dynamic duo of modern eco-chic.

It’s a classic showdown between traditional sleekness and contemporary sustainability.

Water Resistant 

Surprise, surprise – neither Esplar nor Campo are water-resistant superheroes.

It’s a footwear face-off without a waterproof umbrella. When the rain hits, time to embrace the puddle dance routine!


Esplar’s canvas might give you a “new pair of jeans” vibe initially, a bit stiff, but give it 2-3 days break-in period, and you’re in the comfort city.

Campo, with its thicker sole, offers instant comfort – like a memory foam mattress for your feet. It can be a personal preference.

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To be honest it is hard to find the difference between both the shoes as they almost look similar.

However, there are some minimal changes like Esplar brings minimalistic charm, a smaller V-logo, and a silhouette sleeker than a secret agent.

On the other hand, Campo, the extrovert, rocks a bulkier design, a larger V-logo, and an “I’m here to be noticed” vibe. It’s the eternal battle of subtlety versus swagger.


Esplar is the chameleon, effortlessly shifting from refined to casual for various occasions.

Campo leans towards the sportier, laid-back style – perfect for everyday adventures.

Your choice, depending on whether you’re attending a meeting or planning to conquer a mountain (or a couch).


Both offer classic colors, but Esplar occasionally spices things up with limited editions.

Campo, not to be outdone, throws vibrant and bold options into the mix for those who like their footwear to do the talking.

The choice is yours – classic or a splash of color?


Esplar boasts a thick padded tongue, ready to cushion you from any unexpected lace bites.

Campo takes it down a notch with a slightly thinner and less padded tongue – a choice between plush comfort and a sleeker look.

Who knew tongues could be so complicated?


In the stitching department, both contenders deliver top-notch craftsmanship with clean and precise stitches that match the shoe color.

It’s a stitch-perfect face-off! Because details matter, even if they’re as tiny as stitches.


Esplar, with its leather upper, takes the crown for durability.

Campo, with an organic cotton and recycled polyester blend, ensures reliable longevity.

It’s a battle of materials, and both are ready for the long haul.

No matter which path you choose, these shoes are in it for the marathon, not the sprint.


If you prefer durability over style then Esplar is a more affordable, sleeker option with a focus on durability.

Whereas Campo is a pricier, stylish contender with a chunkier sole and a sustainable material blend.

The choice is yours, do you opt for the subtle sophistication of Esplar or the bold swagger of Campo?


Why Is Eileen Fisher So Expensive ?

Why Is Eileen Fisher So Expensive

In the fashion world, where prices can make your wallet break a sweat, Eileen Fisher stands tall. But why does slipping into an Eileen Fisher piece feel like signing a pact with your savings account? Let’s unzip the stylish mystery.

Before we dive into the world of Eileen Fisher’s wardrobe, let’s know some facts about beforehand: most items by Eileen Fisher will cost you between $165 and $260. Now, let’s get into the reasons why Eileen Fisher is so expensive.

Why Is Eileen Fisher So Expensive?

Why Is Eileen Fisher So Expensive

Eileen Fisher’s clothing is often considered expensive because of high-quality materials, ethical and sustainable production practices, and the brand’s commitment to fair labor. All these things cost brands more money and thus result in higher prices for items.

Moreover, people love Eileen Fisher for creating timeless and versatile designs, which contributes to a higher price compared to fast fashion brands.

3 Main reasons why Eileen Fisher is so expensive?

Why Is Eileen Fisher So Expensive
Imagr credit: eileenfisher

Accessible Luxury 

Eileen Fisher doesn’t sit with high-end designer labels, yet it makes its space in a world of accessible luxury.

It’s the best brand for people who crave quality, sustainability, and a designer vibe without the eye-watering price tag.

But, in the kingdom of fashion, opinions change like the weather in Alaska. Some think that the prices are really high, while others, who might prefer trendier designs, find Eileen Fisher a bit too traditional for their runway.

Fabric Fit for a Fashionista

The second reason why Eileen Fisher is so expensive is the quality of the material used by this brand.

It is not wrong if I say the secret sauce to Eileen Fisher’s allure lies in the quality of its materials.

Customers don’t just wear clothes; they wear something that provides comfort, durability, and an overall feel-good vibe.

Moreover, The brand isn’t just about looking good but more about feeling good ethically. Eileen Fisher’s commitment to ethical manufacturing practices and fair labor conditions adds a sprinkle of expense to the item.

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Organic, Recycled, and the Pricey Tango

The dance of dollars starts when you consider the organic and recycled materials that run through Eileen Fisher’s collection.

Sourcing and producing these materials becomes more expensive sometimes if we compare that with conventional alternatives.


join the dance floor, adding to the costs. Meeting organic or sustainable standards often involves fees and compliance expenses.

Certifying materials and production processes comes with a price tag that can make even the most environmentally conscious wallets cringe. It’s like trying to buy a VIP pass to the exclusive club of Mother Nature, and guess what? The entrance fee isn’t cheap!

But hey, at least they get a shiny badge that says, “I’m green, and I’ve got the paperwork to prove it!” Because nothing screams eco-friendliness like a hefty certification bill, right?

Limited availability

Now, let’s talk about the limited availability of those eco-chic materials. Imagine you’re searching for organic or recycled options, and suddenly it feels like you’re on a treasure hunt in a desert. Limited availability is the new name of the game.

Compared to the conventional materials that are as easy to find as a meme on the internet, the eco-friendly alternatives might be as rare as a unicorn sighting. And guess what scarcity does? It cranks up the price faster than a bidding war on the last avocado in town.

So, next time you’re eyeing that eco-friendly product and wondering why it’s burning a hole in your wallet, just remember – being green comes with a price, and sometimes that price tag is as wild as the idea of a composting stand-up comedian.

Technology and innovation

Now, let’s add the extra cost of technology and innovation. Sustainable materials might be the rockstars of the fabric world, with newer technologies and innovative processes stealing the spotlight.

But, as we know everything has a price on it, and innovation comes at a cost. R and d might be the most costly process done by any brand.

Public Sentiments about Eileen Fisher?

Why Is Eileen Fisher So Expensive

So, what do people really think about Eileen Fisher as a designer brand? The fashionista grapevine hums with positive vibes. Sustainability gets a standing ovation; the use of organic and recycled materials aligns with the eco-conscious crowd.

Here are some things that people find great about Eileen Fisher

Sustainability: You cannot talk about Eileen Fisher without applauding its dedication to sustainability.

The brand has become a go-to brand for eco-conscious fashionistas, thanks to its use of organic and recycled materials.

If your wardrobe were an environmentalist, it would give Eileen Fisher a standing ovation for its commitment to reducing the fashion industry’s carbon footprint.

Fashion with a Conscience: Eileen Fisher isn’t just creating clothes; it’s making a statement. The brand’s eco-friendly practices have garnered well-deserved praise.

It’s like the fashion equivalent of hugging a tree but making it look effortlessly chic. Who knew saving the planet could be so stylish?

Time Travel in Style: People love that Eileen Fisher’s designs are like that reliable friend who never goes out of style.

The brand has mastered the art of creating timeless and versatile pieces that defy the fleeting nature of trends.

Mix, Match, and Slay: Versatility is the name of the game for Eileen Fisher. Consumers love the mix-and-match potential that comes with the brand’s creations. It’s like playing fashion chess with your closet.

Is Eileen Fisher considered a designer brand like Gucci or Prada?

Why Is Eileen Fisher So Expensive

Eileen Fisher may be the belle of the ball, but it’s not in the same league as Gucci or Prada. While Eileen Fisher’s collection is full of minimalist and timeless designs, Gucci and Prada are the reasons behind new trends and some masterpieces.

are the sultans of high-end fashion. With designs that make traditional styles blush and craftsmanship so intricate it probably requires a magnifying glass.

And oh, the price tags! These aren’t just numbers; they’re coordinates to the fashion stratosphere. If Eileen Fisher’s pricing is a gentle breeze, Gucci and Prada’s would be a hurricane of dollar bills. You don’t buy their clothes; you invest in a slice of the high life. It’s not a purchase; it’s a down payment on being the talk of the town.

The keynotes:

Design Philosophy: Eileen Fisher goes for simplicity and versatility, Gucci and Prada for high-fashion drama.

Sustainability: Eileen Fisher’s eco-friendly commitment stands out in a world of extravagant excess.

Price Range: On price I have to say where you can buy 2 Eileen Fisher items your wallet might not be able to lift the price tag of Gucci or Prada. No judgment but most people like me don’t even try to think of spending that much on a cloth item.

Target Market: If you value sustainable fashion, timeless style, and comfort, Eileen Fisher’s the front-row seat for you.


Eileen Fisher might be costly for some but the brand proves the saying that you will get what you pay for. If you are finding Eileen Fisher expensive then you can go with other brands as there are many brands out there that provide quality and suit most people’s wallets.

However, if you love simple and elegant designs with good if not better quality then you can put your trust in Eileen Fisher.

In a world where ‘fast fashion’ often feels like a one-night stand, Eileen Fisher is the dependable, eco-conscious partner we’ve all been searching for.


Are Bonobos Jeans Good?

Are Bonobos Jeans Good?

If you are someone who doesn’t go by the tag on cloths, then you might have heard about the brand Bonobos jeans. Now the brand is mostly popular because of their chinos. And Talor fit clothes.

In comparison to some luxury brands, Bonobos jeans clothes will cost you less, Especially if we talk about Bonobos jeans.

But what about the quality of Bonobos jeans? Are they still the same? Or the quality downgraded in 2024. Well, this is what I’m going to discuss in this article. So let’s start…

Quality of Bonobos jeans

Well, it is not hard to believe that the quality of Bonobos jeans has been downgraded in recent years. Most people believe that they use more synthetic in comparison to what They used to use in their jeans.

Are Bonobos Jeans Good?
Credit: Bonobos

According to my research, Some users find that Bonobos jeans are not as comfortable as they used to be. However, some people find that they’re still good at what price they come at.

Now the main thing about bamboo jeans is that they come with stretch and if you have been in their jeans, you know that they come with 12 waist stretches.

A lot of people don’t want that stretch. And that is why it becomes a personal choice.

Well, because of stretch some people also complain about the shrinkage in the jeans.

And they feel even if they provide the stretch in the jeans it doesn’t fit that well after a wash. So yes, the quality is not supreme but at the same time, it is not bad at all.

So if you compare them with high-designer brands the quality of Bonobos jeans is decent and doesn’t match the same level but it is good enough at that price point.

Are Bonobos Jeans Good?

Moreover, there are some examples where people bought bamboo jeans and they have different opinion about Bonobos jeans.

Some people Don’t think that the quality of Bonobos jeans is downgraded. And they think that people Don’t take care good care of their clothes. Well, that is a subjective opinion.

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If, we leave behind the technicalities of the jeans. Then it is hard to say the quality of Bonobos jeans is really downgraded. But still, most people prefer to buy from Bonobos when something is on sale.

Are Bonobos Jeans Good?

The main issue people pointed out about Bonobos jeans is belt loops ripping off. And when I read some more reviews then I came to know that many people have experienced the same issue.

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The reason is unknown, but at the same time, we cannot neglect that it is happening to most people. So, I would suggest that if you want to buy Bonobos jeans, you can buy them when they are on sale.

On the upside, if you want to buy anything from Bonobos, I would recommend that chinos are a good option compared to jeans. For jeans, you can go with any other brand like Madewell or American Eagle.

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To sum it up, I think the quality of Bonobos jeans has been downgraded in recent years. But at the same time, they are good if you’re looking for decent jeans that you can wear anytime or anywhere. I would suggest you buy Bamboo jeans when they go on sale.

Moreover, I find Bonobos chinos are of superior quality than the jeans. Just like other brands, Bonobos also started using polyester in their jeans, which people don’t like. However, the polyester used in Bonobos jeans will increase the longevity of the jeans.


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