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Bored of watching the same movie over and over and just wants t remind of the time of your high school days. The only movie that could that will give you the power to do that is teen comedy movies. Not romantic movies, not everyone was lucky and had a girlfriend/ boyfriend some of us just stayed far and looked at our crushes. These movies have everything that most of us did it in high school, embrace our teen years. But not every teen movies are great, some are boring that you don’t want to watch. So we made it easier for you and made the list of best Teenage comedy movies of all time. Check out the list and stream here.

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Clueless (1995)

funny Teen moviesThis 90s Teenage comedy movies is based On Jane Austen Novel published in 1815. Clueless was one of the best box office hits of 1995 with its strong and endeavor for teen comedies. Clueless stars Alicia Silverstone as Cher, a rich high school spoiler kid, who loves to Meddle in other life and most of the time it backfires. Through her high school, she helps a new kid to gain popularity as it was the first time she shows feelings towards others. What will we be the result this time? Stream here to find out.


The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

funny Teen movies Teen comedy movies are filled with hilarious and awkward circumstances. This teen comedy set in high school when our star Nadine who always lives under the shadow of her older brother suddenly starts dating her friend. High school is going to get more weird for her until she finds the last hope from her new unexpected friend.


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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Teen funny moviesSpider-Man is teg only character that every kid loves and probably tried getting stung by a spider( I tried it, did you?). If not you are smarter than I ever was. Watching one spiderman is fun but the fun multiplies when we have more than one spider man and also spider girl. This is the best animated teenage comedy movies of this decade.


P.S. I Still Love You (2020)

Lana Condor is back as Lara Jean and it’s all going to start again. This movie is a sequel to the 2018 teen comedy movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Now the fun starts when Lara has officially boyfriend Peter. There is nothing that could be made her happy but things are going to more crazier than ever. A new guy from her past comes into play and Lara has to figure out how she going to deal with this. If you haven’t watched the first part, you definitely should as it is the best 2018 teen comedy movie.


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

Proposing to our crush in high school is the most difficult thing. Some possess the power to do it and others just write love letters to express their love and devotion. This gapped to our high school junior Lara Jean who wrote the love letter to every boy she ever had a crush from her kindergarten. The fun starts when all the love letters got out and also one of the boys she has a crush on is dating her older sister, Margot. The release of the letters take some hilarious and comedy scene we have ever encountered in any teen movie. The sequel is released in 2020 on Netflix.


Every Day (2018)

Teen funny moviesHigh school is about love, breakup, crushes, and bullying. High school is very different for every teenager for some it’s memorable and for some, they wish to end it fast. Every day is a story of Rhiannon who falls in love with a different person every day. Sounds weird, not exactly she fell in love with a spirit named ” A ” who takes on a new person body every day. Every day is a comedy-drama movie, great for high school students.


She’s the Man (2006)

Teen comedy moviesWhen a girl pretends to be a boy in a college, we know it is going to be the best Teenage comedy movies. The story revolves around Viola who pretends to cover for her twin brother. Also play football and fell in love with the football captain. Entertaining, hilarious, and iconic are the words that are well suited to describe this Teenage comedy.


Freaky Friday (2003)

Teen comedy moviesParents and kids never understand that others in any way. Kids love to party and hang out but parents always put restrictions. Well, this is all going to change in this teen comedy movie, where a mother-daughter accidentally switches bodies and now are given a test to understand others lives. The only way to switch back is to fully understand how one lives and solve each other’s problems. Freaky Friday is one of the few listed teenage comedy movies that teens should watch with their parents.


The Kissing Booth (2018)

Netflix Original movie that break teg record of most streaming movie. If you haven’t watched it already, you are missing one of the masterpieces of a lifetime. It is a high school story of two best friends where they sign up to run a kissing Booth at the spring carnival. The Kissing Booth is all about comedy, hilarious situations, charming guys, and making out with best friends brother. The important part, teg couple that fall in the movie also fall in life in real life ( Joe King and Jacob Elordi). The sequel is also released in 2020, if you have missed it you can stream on Netflix.


Sleepover (2004)

Teen comedy moviesSleepover at your friends house is the ultimate goal in your highschool. Most of us were not given permission and others who had permission has to follow rules and regulations. This is a case that happens to Julie, Haansh, Farrah, and Yancy for their last sleepover. In her school, there is an all-night scavenger hunt tournament is going on but Julie’s mom prohibited them from leaving the house. To win the top prize rules must be broken and the best night of their life starts.


Booksmart (2019)

Teenage comedy moviesHigh school is all about making memories, night out, laugh party with friends. But for some nerdy kids ( students who are into books) are different but at end of high school, they always think about changing their life for just a couple of days and gave serious fun.

This happened to Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever that will make your laugh so hard with their hilarious and charming comedy, you probably want another sequel of this movie. The kids realize at the end of their Highschool that they haven’t had any memories and decide to take on the last wild adventure which the audience remember till this day.


The perfect date (2019)

For some students, high school about party and dating but some have to work to earn money for their fees. The Perfect date stars Noah Centineo, Laura Marano, and Camila Mendes and it is based on a novel by Steve Bloom called The Stand-In. Noah Centineo figure out a clever to earn money, he offers up a service to young girls for a fake date for special occasions. The plan is great but it’s got complicate then he starts having feelings for one girl. If this didn’t hurry you up to watch it, it is one of the best listed Teenage comedy movies. You can watch it on Netflix.


Sierra Burgess Is A Loser (2018)

If you’re looking for another excuse to watch Noah Centineo on TV and you want to laugh too, then this is your movie. The movie is about a girl named Sierra, who doesn’t meet the stereotypical standards of beauty. This leaves her prone to bullying from mean girl, Veronica. Somehow Sierra ends up catfishing Noah’s character, a hot football player from a different school, and unexpectedly takes on help from Veronica to keep her identity a secret. The movie has a super sweet ending that’ll make you wish Noah was sending you flowers. You can watch it on Netflix.


Shazam! (2019)

Teenage comedy moviesIt’s a DC superhero movie starring Andi Mack’s Asher Angel, a foster kid named Billi Barson. It is the only teenager superhero comedy movie where a teen inherits the power of the wizard named Shazam. Whenever the kid speaks Shazam name, he turns into an adult man with superpowers, he can fly, unlimited strength, and control lighting. Just imagine a kid with superpowers and he could turn into an adult any time. Shazam is very different from any DC movies, it is more into comedy and funny rather than dark and violent. Shazam is filled with hilarious and charming comedy that made the audience laugh out loud.


17 Again (2009)

Teenage comedy moviesImagine you are in your 40s and suddenly you go back into your high school with a body of a 17-year-old. This happened to Mike, who is unhappy with his present life and always imagines it has the power to go back to high school all will be different. His wish comes out true when he suddenly data into a time vortex and has a chance to rewrite his life once again. Mike thought this was easy, but the real struggle just started. 17 Again is the best Teenage comedy movies with Zac Efron as the lead actor.


Mean Girls (2004)

Teenage comedy moviesThe 2004 teen comedy movie stars Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tim Meadows, Ana Gasteyer, Amy Poehler and Fey. It all begins when a new girl is enrolled in the ruthless high school run by the Plastics. The name defined itself, this movie is a bunch of girls fights, jealousy, gossips, and any attempt to dismantle the power from the mean popular girls. The more you know about the plot, the less fun you are going to have to watch this amazing Teenage comedy movies.


The DUFF (2015)

Teenage comedy moviesIf one person is less popular among her social group he/she will be called DUFF ( Designated Ugly Fat Friend). This happened to Bianca when she was called a DUFF at a party because all of her friends are extremely popular in high school. After getting insulted she makes a vow to be the most popular girl in high school and ask her friend to makeover and rebuild her image. Soon this revenge story turns out to be more comedy, funny and hilarious. This is one of the few highschool revenge comedy movies that is worth streaming. You will enjoy every second of this Teenage comedy movies.


American Pie (1999)

Teenage comedy moviesThe top position of Teenage comedy movies goes fan-favorite American Pie. Wouldn’t you agree? The teen movie where four males plan to lose their virginity before graduating high school. Starring Jim (Jason Biggs), Kevin Myers (Thomas Ian Nicholas), Chris “Oz” Ostreicher (Chris Klein), and Paul Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) presented us with one of the best highschool classic which made a place in our minds that no movie could ever match it.



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