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Movies have outgrown themselves, every day a new movie is released and there is a whole section of movies according to someone’s taste. The Market is dominated by sci-fi and action movies. But not everyone is attracted to Space movies or car racing movies, some people have a unique taste like you. They are into teenage detective movies, it could be the passion to solve murder cases and putting bad guys in jail or the hunger to solve everything as they think of them as Sherlock Holmes. Who knows Everything and could know all about you just by looking at you. It like a superpower that can solve any complicated, mind twisted mysteries teenage detective movies.

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There are many detective movies, but there are minimum teenage detective movie. High school teenagers or kids solving crime and uncovering great mysteries is what we look in a good teenage detective movie.


These movies show that teens have great potential and they are smart, intelligent, and can work better than adults. Almost every teen movie shows teenage shows that teen-only have two things in mind love or parties. Well, this is cliche but this has been changed by these teenage detective movies.

Let’s check out the list, but we have only listed the teenage movie in which the teens are investigating something or acting as a part-time detective. Now let’s look at the most popular teenage detective movies, you can watch if you are a Sherlock Holmes fan.

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Young Sherlock Holmes

The one thing that comes to our mind when we hear the name Sherlock, is a true detective ever in the world. Sherlock is the king of the detective community. His brilliance, strategies, and his crime-solving tactics are amazing. There are a lot of movies and Tv Series based on this character and it shows what an amazing detective he is. The most famous and brilliant Sherlock Holmes movies and Tv series features Rober Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch.

But we are not talking about an adult Sherlock Holmes but the ultimate teenage detective. It’s like watching a kid version of combined Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s not the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes in the cinema, but it’s the first young teen Sherlock Holmes. We have seen the long-lasting friendships between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, but what would they be like if they were kids. It’s like the origin story of their story and how they both embark on the journey to investigate the recent murders.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Teenage detective movies usually are a family-friendly to watch, but this is movie is not on that list. From being the best detective movie it has some adult scenes that re may not be suitable for kids. It features sour beloved James Bond Daniel Craig and our teenage detective Rooney Mara.

Mikael Blomkvist( Daniel Craig), a journalist and Lisbeth Salander ( Rooney Mara) a computer hacker embark on there to find the woman missing for forty years. This mystery movie shows why we need a detective to find a missing woman. Spoiler alert – the woman is been dead all the time and now the mystery uncovers how and why she was killed.

The Goonies

The Group of teens using their detective skills to find the hidden treasure is a worth watching movies ever. The movie is a classic and best teenage movie ever. Every kid on the block is a fan of this masterpiece released in 1985. First, it’s not like Home alone series kid doing extraordinary tricks to scare the Robbers from their house.

It is a simple treasure hunt story like Indiana Jones but we have not one but five Indiana Jones and each has a unique ability. The story follows when a group of teens in their vacation find the evidence of a pirate treasure and also along with the criminals who seek the treasure. It is a brilliant teenage detective film with an amazing cast and memorable Character performance.

Get A Clue

Released in 2002, it is a true teenage detective movie set in a high school. High school is all about parties, drugs, and sex as depicted in most of the movies. Well, it’s a change of pace when we come across a high school movie that has a good script rather than some love affairs and parties. It’s a story of a young high school girl who is so determined to solve the mystery when one of the teachers is missing.

Lexi Gold is the only and one of the best teenage detective movie ever. Get A Clue features memorable character performance and brilliant storyline and screenplay.

The Scooby-doo

It’s the one animated show that made ore our childhood and started the whole teenage detective genre. Well, it is an animated show feature four teens and one dog named Scooby. Scooby-Doo is the mystery-solving animated movie and series with the bets teenage detective crew.

It is stated as the best mystery-solving show ever that featured. If you are into animated movies, it’s worth watching. The amazing crew that took on an adventure and finds problems in the world and solve the mystery and put down the bad criminals. Every crew member is a unique and memorable Character and at last, you’ll fall in love with each of the characters.

Clubhouse Detectives

The name represents it all, small kids are somehow the true Detectives. Every kid in this 1996 movie is like an investigating officer. The story follows around a group of teens when they encounter their neighbor killing a woman. It involves a real-life murder and the criminal is not like any dumb criminals that are presented in the teenage detective movies. The neighbor is a mastermind criminal, and he convinces the mother of the teen that he was rehearsing an opera scene and the woman is alive.

Most kids leave this topic but not our stars try to have detective blood in them and they decide to find the body of the woman before the neighbor moves it away. Childhood Detectives has some serious film and not a fun comedy teenage movie.

Nancy Drew

Released in 2007 this mystery comedy is the best in the teenage detective movies list. The story follows a young girl named Nancy Drew, a teenage detective, whose passion is to solve mysteries much like her father. When she get to Los Angeles with her father she encounters the death of movie star Dehlia Draycott. Whether it is a passion to solve mysteries and crime, she took every step to find the reason behind the killing and who has done it. It an amazing story with a memorable cast performance. It is the best teenage detective movie that leads a girl to solve the crime. You can say that she is a female Sherlock Holmes.

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