Let’s see, How Wonder Woman 1984 story is going to be played out? Wonder Woman 1984 is a sequel to the 2017 film Wonder Woman. Directed by Patty Jenkins, it stars Gal Gadot as she reprises her role as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman in the DCEU. After almost 3 years, we are finally close to its release date.

As the movie release date, it is scheduled to be released on 2 October,2020. If you have witnessed Diana Prince’s remarkable journey from Amazon (all-female race) to the modern world (or during world war 1). Grossing more than $389 million at the US box office, Wonder Woman was one of been its year’s biggest superhero blockbusters.

The first movie broke all the records and surpassed the box office gross of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League. If the first movie did that, we can’t expect what will the second Installment could do?

If you are short on the first Wonder Woman story Let’s recap

Sent on Earth by the god Zeus to be the guiding light for humanity, Diana’s sole purpose is to put the first. Born on the mysterious land of Themyscira (land of the all-female race), away from the modern world the movie follows how the princess queen will react to world war 1 happening.


It all happens when the hidden land was breached by Steve Trevor and the German soldiers. And No, they were not together. Steve passes the information about World war 1 has been underway for four years and 25 million people have died. Horrified Diana leaves the island and she just thinks that by killing the God of war Ares, German will lay down their weapons and mankind will have its freedom form evil.

After experiencing everything mand managing some fighting to save people. She just lose hope and try to find God of War, Ares. After whole.lots of fighting and many great action sequences, Diana – Wonder Woman defeat God Of War Ares.

Looks like we are all caught up

Let’s move to what we can expect in the new Installment of the DCEW superhero movieWonder Woman 2 or Wonder Woman 1984 story. Warner Bros announced the release date and it’s gonna be October 2, 2020. With soo much hype, we just expect that this movie is as good as it’s predecessor.

Let’s take a closer look at the absurd trailer scene from the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer.

What can we expect from Wonder Woman 1984 Story

Steve Trevor Return

As far we know, in the first Wonder Woman movie story, Steve Trevor sacrificed himself to save the world. Officially we never see Steve body, but after getting blasting from the airplane, it was predefined, and also Wonder Woman mourns his death.

But now he is returned to an old man and somehow he don’t know anything about the world.

Let’s take a guess, how he is returned after being dead

The simplest answer would be he never really died. By the brink of second, he managed to escape from the airplane. And yes he was not wearing a parachute, otherwise Diana should have seen it.

It could be a plan of Max lord, as in trailer it was specified that Max fulfilling his promise that he can give shoppers- including Wonder Woman – anything they desire.

And the last option, Steve Trevor body was unconscious over the years like Steve Rogers in Captain America. It’s a long stretch but in a superhero, we can see anything.

Why it is in 1984 and Wonder Woman 1984 Story Before Release?

The DCEU is changing, previously it was following the same path like Marvel, bring all the superhero in one movie and now you get the blockbuster.

We only someone superhero, when see it’s origin story of he becomes a hero. It is a good plan as the audience should know origin story, before seeing them fighting some villain and in Justice League, it was the worst villain. You know it too.

As far as for the new movies like Aquaman, Wonder Woman we are experiencing the origin story and they are getting better, this reflects on the box office too.

This plan was good until The Joker came out. It broke the internet, after quite a long time we have seen DCEU that good.

There is a chance Warner Bros sets this timeline due to the Joker set in the 1970s. The audience just couldn’t get enough of the 1980s. This could be a reason we are seeing Wonder Woman in 1984.

Barbara Minerva as Cheetah friendship with Wonder Woman

As we saw in the trailer Kristin Wiig’s Barbara and Diana are bonding over past romantic entanglements and asks “Have you ever been in love?” Wonder Woman replies, “A long, long time ago.” It could have been just a normal conversation between friends, but the appearance of Steve suggests otherwise.

Pedro Pascal’s played Max lord role

Pedro Pascal’s Max lord has given out some serious villain vibe. From his intense proposal of giving anything they want for including Wonder Woman for just a small price. He is surely given a major role in the Wonder Woman 1984 movie. Probably he is the reason Steve Trevor is alive and he somehow brings back him form the dead. And for this Diana has to pay a very big price.

Wonder Woman 1984 Story Before Release : Gal Gadot Returns as Diana

So let’s guess how wonder woman 1984 will be played out

The story will start after wonder woman defeated God Of War Ares. She morns Steve Death and decided to stay away from the modern world. In probably thinking, Ares is dead, the mankind will not have any war like that again.

After a brief amount of time when she returns, find out that people still are influenced by Ares and she stay will here to protect humanity from evil.

In the modern world, she makes friends with Kristin Wiig’s and she tells her about her romantic entanglements. Later she encounters Pedro Pascal Plays Maxwell Lord who promises her anything she desires for a price later. It looks suspicious to her, so she researches only to find Steve Trevor in the process. After getting her love back, she forgets everything and move to Themyscira.

It’s kind of long stretch in our story, but Steve Trevor is aspy to infiltrate Themyscira and bring some valuable things to Cheetah and Max Lord. Yupp the two villains are working together, we are not sure but it could be as it is their only chance to defeat Wonder Woman. Our Story villains bring a war to Diana’s home planet, and as the Wonder woman, she defeats them.

It’s just a story that could happen in Wonder Woman 1984, we are not sure of the original plot. It is just a prediction of my thoughts, the movie is going to be way better than my version.

If you wanna see, what is going to happen, watch Wonder Woman on October 2, 2020, in your nearest cinemas.

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