Does sleeping in afternoon increase weight

does sleeping in afternoon increase weight

Does sleeping in afternoon increase weight?

Getting a flat stomach is what every man and woman wants, but it’s harder to achieve. To achieve a flat tummy, the first step is to decrease the access to fat consumption in our body. According to reports, people are concerned all over the globe over their weight. Some are using flat tummy machines to burn fat and some prefer to go to the gym. All of these are the person’s choices but every man or woman is also concerned about how their lifestyle increase weight.

From rising in the morning to Sleeping down, every movement affects the weight of the person. If you would like to know whether sleeping in the afternoon increase weight. Afternoon sleep is the favorite time to sleep for many people but what are its benefits and drawbacks of sleeping in the afternoon and does it make you slimmer or increase weight?

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Does sleeping in afternoon increase weight?

No, sleeping in the afternoon doesn’t increase weight. There is no scientific evidence to prove that sleeping in the afternoon increase weight. Several factors affect weight increase including diet, sleep, and genetics. Sleeping does affect whether you increase weight and how much you increase weight.

There are approximately 50 calories, human beings burn in a 1-hour sleep. This is an estimated amount, this number varies for every human being as burning calories depends on their basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Sleeping in the afternoon doesn’t increase weight, as it is scientifically proven sleeping long hours can not increase weight. But not enough sleep and sleep deprivation could cause the person to increase weight easily. Lack of sleep causes leptin and Ghrelin to act impulsive. Ghrelin is a hormone that encourages hunger and leptin regulates the release of Ghrelin and leptin suppresses the appetite.

Staying working long nights causes hunger hormone, Ghrelin to release in large amounts and faster but leptin release is limited. So human beings don’t stop craving food after they had a meal. This is mostly happening in the night time, many people who works late nights eat more calories which cause them to weight gain.

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Does zero afternoon sleep equal zero weight gain?

Afternoon sleep does not affect weight gain, but it promotes the loss of weight. Weight gain happen s when a person is eating more calories and burning less. Although, sleeping burns calories but if the number of consumed calories is larger a person will increase weight. To maintain a constant weight, the person has to eat healthy, sleep at a reasonable hour, and do exercise to burn the calories he consumed. It’s the only a person will gain zero weight.

How much afternoon sleep is beneficial?

For some people, afternoon sleep is just a power nap and it’s between 10 – 30 minutes. But some love to sleep more than 1 hour during daytime. According to experts, if the person sleeps more than 30 minutes during day time, it could not sleep at night. This causes sleep deprivation and increase weight.

But if you are one of the few people who could sleep in the day as well as night, you don’t have a risk of increasing weight due to sleep.

Afternoon sleep is good for personal health but it is not recommended to sleep after 1 hour of eating lunch.

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Benefits of afternoon Sleep on weight

Lack of sleep causes various health problems but there are no health problems if a person sleeps in the afternoon. People who sleep in the afternoon usually have a sleep pattern of below 30 minutes and above 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Benefit of afternoon sleep ( below 30 minutes) on weight

It is called a power nap and doctors widely suggest it to every human being. The human body couldn’t work 8 hours long during the day, so afternoon deep sleep of 30 minutes makes the body energetic and it also benefits in losing weight.

When a person sleeps below 30 minutes during the day, the person shuts his body down for a short time. This helps the body to regain its conscience and recover ( regenerate) the muscles and mind for rest of the day.

  • Power naps increase memory and reduce fatigue.
  • It is advised to people with anger issues. Power naps helps them to calm their nervous system.
  • For 9-5 workers, it’s best to sleep as it reduces stress hormones.
  • According to scientists, they are till now no drawbacks of afternoon sleep below 30 minutes. 

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Benefit of afternoon sleep ( 1 hour to 2 hours) on weight

It is a crucial sleep which is widely preferred by athletes. Ronaldo a footballer mentioned in an interview that he always takes 1-hour afternoon sleep. This helps him relax his muscles after a heavy workout in the morning. Athletes also do training in the evening, so it’s mandatory to recover the muscles as soon as possible.

Afternoon sleep fastens the process of recovering muscles.

  • Increase alertness in any activity.
  • Reaction time is increased after a deep afternoon sleep.
  • Best for healing and recovery muscles.

Calculate how much calories burn in the afternoon sleeping

To calculate how much a specific person burn calories throughout the day and during sleep. It is calculated through the Basal Metabolic rate ( BMR).

BMR is tern refer to as energy needed for the body to work, it includes breathing, growth, recovery, movements etc. Lest suppose a person eats 1000 calories a day, the brain will use 20% of calories in the form of glucose.

80% left calories are used by the body to perform various tasks but not at a constant speed. During the day, the body mostly burns calories at the same amount but during sleep, the body reduces temperature, and 15% of calories are burned less.

On the other hand sleep deprivation causes weight gain. The appropriate amount of sleep is needed for the body, but if the sleeps exceed the appropriate time, it could help in losing weight. Let’s know how to calculate the burn of calories during afternoon sleep.

This equation is based on weight, height, age, and gender:

Calories burned per minute =( 0.95 x body weight in Kg x 3.5) ÷ 200

The result gives you the approximate calories burned for a 1 hours sleep. Let’s take an example:

A person weighs 180 pounds (81.65kg) and sleeps for 1 hour (60 minutes) in the afternoon.

Calories Burned from sleeping (per minute) = (0.95 x 81.65 x 3.5) ÷ 200 = 1.357

Calories Burned from sleeping (for 60 minutes) = 1.357 x 60 = 81

Does Sleeping in Stages Affect Calories?

No, calories are not affected by how many stages a person sleeps in a day. The calories burn throughout sleep remains constant. But deep sleep is advised by doctors as it has more health benefits than sleeping in stages.

Increase burning calories during afternoon sleep

Burning calories faster during sleep is a difficult task. To boost the rate of burning calories there are several methods a person could perform. The easiest one is to eat healthy and go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Always make sure that you are not sleep deprived, as it has very bad effects on health including weight gain.

Exercises are also a method to boost burning calories during afternoon sleep. After an intense workout, the person’s body muscles are torn and healthy food and a good sleep helps to recover them faster.

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