Why Do Narcissists Ignore Texts

Why Do Narcissists Ignore Texts
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As you know more and more about people, you get to know various personality types while some are charismatic, and others are introvert. Here we are not discussing different personalities but will talk about narcissists people and their characteristics. 

Narcissists are the ones with extreme levels of admiration about themselves. They tend to focus on themselves and lack empathy. 

A relationship with a narcissist is more like relation with a puppet. Who always orders the other person and plays the role of a victim when in reality the actually guilty.  Driving attention towards them with their careless and selfish nature.

Dealing with narcissists? It’s a complex relation. It’s not easy as being said to get out of a relationship. Narcissists play games and tricks to get back at you. 


What games and tricks do narcissists play in a relationship? Before that let’s see what actually is a narcissist’s personality. And why they ignore texts. 


What is a narcissistic personality?

A Narcissist’s personality suffers from a disorder known as narcissism. It’s a disorder in which a person sees himself superior to others and lacks emotional attachment. These types of personalities are self-centred and often seek more attention and can do anything to achieve that. They are also being characterised by grandiosity, superficial, fantasy and excessive admiration of themselves. 


  • Narcissists often have toxic and complex relationships due to their attitude of selfishness.
  • They give importance to themselves and ignore the person who criticizes their decisions and moves. 
  • They play hard and apply any trick to get things in their favour.
  • they want to win conversations With Commanding attitude 
  • Often get violent when ignored

According to studies narcissism disorder is seen mostly in men. This disorder makes them more vulnerable and less emphatic.  

Signs you are dealing with a narcissist

They do things intentionally to make themselves feel superior.

But what are the actual reasons that narcissists ignore texts or avoid you? There are many reasons which are the cause of their ignorant behaviour. 

Before going deep into the reasons let’s first see the signs that you are dealing with a narcissistic personality.


  • Narcissists do fake caring 

Whenever you see a text of concern after escaping or ghosting away then it’s clear that he has been pretending and faking it. 

Everyone likes to be cared for and loved. And narcissists take advantage of this, texts caring and long words to make you feel special. 

Their texts are like “hey, are you ok”, or “I have been missing you.” Or “I’m always there for you”. 

You may wonder if you receive these types of text from your friends and closed ones too. Then how are these different from the Narcissists? You can differentiate on the basis of their previous attitude. It won’t fill the dots or you can say that it is inconsistent with their previous behaviour.


  • Narcissists hate being ignored

The one thing that narcissists hate the most is being ignored. If you ignore them they play games and tricks to get attention. Don’t fall into their trap. Because once you fall in their lies they will get you and repeat over and over again. So, better maintain distance from them. 

They always want to be the centre of attraction. And even get violent when ignored. 


  • Narcissists love bragging

The phrase “to toot one’s own horn” best defines the narcissist’s personality. They always brag about themselves and avoid any other topic of discussion.

Giving too much attention to them will make them piling on it again and again. 

They will show you how smart and thoughtful they are making you feel inferior.

  • Narcissists pretend to be loyal

A genuine person will never have to show or brag about his or her honesty because their actions are louder than their words. But it’s not the same in case of narcissists they pretend to be loyal towards you but in reality, they are fooling around with you and your emotions. 

  • Narcissists are hard to understand

Narcissists’ personalities are hard to understand as they often send you coded text which you’ll have to decipher. At 9ne moment they pretend to care about you and at another, they belittle you by saying cruel words or texts.

  • Ghosting is what Narcissists do often

Narcissists will reply to your text when they are being involved. Choosing the path of ghosting is their most common habit. 

When they get bored of you they hide for months or find someone who appreciates or praises them or to whom they can control. When they are done with them they return back at you. And try every possible trick or play an emotional card to get accepted. 

  • Narcissists always want an upper hand

Always wants an upper hand in every situation. They don’t call first or reply instantly. Don’t get confused with people who reply late or bad at texting. I’m too bad at texting but that doesn’t mean if I ignore texts that are urgent. 

But narcissists ignore those texts too. They brag, they devalue you or even abuse you and also pretends they care the most. It’s a cycle that they repeat again and again. They hide their reality behind the noise of social media. 

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Why do narcissists ignore text? 

Narcissists ignore texts purposely either to gain attention or to avoid any problem that is not related to them.

We technically it is not their fault that we are like this. There are many factors that lead to narcissism personality disorder. But you can’t feel bad for them knowing how they treat you. There are certified criteria on the basis of which a narcissists personality is identified. But it is not possible to determine if someone has narcissism disorder without the diagnosis of a qualified expert. 

  • Ignore text if they found someone else

The narcissists ignore text if they found another company. They apply the same tricks to get control of them. Narcissists create superficial interpersonal relationships which are the cause of ignorance. You should consider yourself lucky if you found this earlier.

It’s not always the scenario; there may be other reasons behind the ignorance of a text. But if they find someone else, confront them about the same.

  • Could also be busy

Situations arise that show they could be busy for a while. It all depends on how your relationship started and its current state. 

The least possible case why narcissists ignore text is their busy schedule or some work. 


  • Wants a reaction

He may be playing with you and want to grab more attention by ignoring the text. Or simply looking for a reaction to what wrong you have done to him. ( Trying to intensify). 

Or showing that he/ she is very important by ignoring texts. 

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  • You no more get controlled

The most likely reason that narcissists are no longer replying to your texts could be that you no longer get controlled and even opposes his decisions. 

They like to control people and its opposite is happening they ignore you. So, it’s better that you know earlier about their selfishness and self-centred personality. 

Don’t beg them to come to you again. Because it is better to come out of a toxic relationship sooner.


  • Likes to get attention

They have been playing with your emotions because they think they aren’t getting enough attention. 

After many texts from your side, they play the victim in the whole scenario. And wants more attention and praise in return.

  • Playing mind games

Playing mind games to trick you doing something that they get benefited from. Or they have been avoiding the problems that you want to share with them. 

Are narcissists satisfied by ignoring the text? Yes, they enjoy the pleasure of being great and more successful than you. They usually run away from responsibilities by not responding to texts and phone calls.

Don’t fall into the trap of narcissists as they fake emotions to get back at you.

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