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books on charisma

Best Books on Charisma To Develop A Charisma like Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton has it. The most loved charismatic leaders of the world. Charisma is believed by many a characteristic randomly inherited. A personality with...
What happens if you wash your hair everyday?

What happens if you wash your hair everyday?

Hair is a very important part of our personality, and it demands care. Most people are not aware of the care their hair needs,...

Kajal Aggarwal Movies that made her Entire Career

Image Courtesy- Bollywood Hungama / CC BY Kajal Aggarwal is a south Indian actress popularly known for roles in Magadheera, Darling, Arya 2, and Mr....
Skinny with belly fat

Skinny with belly fat

Skinny With Belly Fat: The common myth is that if a person is overweight that simply means he/she is unhealthy, and if they are...
self help books for teenage depression

8 Self-Help Books for Teenage Depression

The teenage years are the most memorable ones. When I remember my days of long hours playing, enjoying, no worries, and no tension. But...