How to Impress a Girl? – 8 useful tips

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Impressing a girl is not as hard as climbing a mountain. The more you get into deep thinking the more confusion will be created in your mind. With time you will be able to achieve those things that you haven’t even thought about.

It’s a myth that the first impression is the last impression. In reality, this phrase is just a simple line that is blindly trusted by people. Sometimes the real you cannot be seen while interacting with others for the first time. Day by day or with the time you get to know people better.

Here we are going to unleash some of the best ways to impress a girl. Well, you will find these tricks and tips amusing but they really work.

Let check out what are we going to discuss.


How to Impress a Girl?

Dress Smartly

Have you ever thought about why the coolest guys easily convince a girl? Here is the answer to this question. The reason behind their convincing power is their clothing sense.

Whenever you approach a girl always try to dress smartly. But in case you don’t have any branded clothes then go for casual wear. Instead of printed clothes wear simple t-shirts and shirts. It makes a good impression and boosts your confidence too.

So, don’t forget and examine this. Have a fresh start with clean and tidy clothes. Also, don’t get disturbed by what others may think, just go for it.


Be Natural: A powerful and the most followed Advice

One of the most influential pieces of advice that you must follow. One thing is sure that what natural is, doesn’t have any comparison.

A trustworthy person always leads the race. Also the girls like the person who is natural and doesn’t show off.

Even if you made that mistake try to resolve it as soon as possible. A lie will always be found, so it’s better to destroy it before it becomes troublesome.

Act casually when you are with her as it shows who really you are. Don’t get too nervous and overexcited. It’s the most simple and effective approach to impress a girl.

Eye Contact While making a Conversation

Eye contact is a must while you talk to anyone as it grabs attention. It shows that you are interested in a conversation. For effective communication, you should take this advice.

Don’t stare otherwise you will make her uncomfortable.

In general, a feeling of rejection arises if you avoid eye gaze.

Eye contact shows confidence and makes a large impact on the other person. If you are not comfortable with eye contact then see between the eyebrows. Eye contact in continuity may create awkward situations so make sure to see here and there for a few minutes.

Avoid Cell Phone

Cell phone usage diverts your attention. Obviously, anyone gets annoyed if you use your phones instead of paying attention to them.

Continuous usage will create differences, and you won’t be able to say or speak. You will cast a wrong impression i.e you are more interested in the phone than her.

Instead, utilize your time in knowing her and ask questions that are relevant and in which she shows interest.

Listen to her

Better communication or conversation involves both parties.

Hear what she is saying instead of interrupting her or give her a chance to speak. In this way, you will gain her trust and respect.

Don’t force your talk on her. Just think the opposite that if someone does the same with you, you might don’t want to talk to him again. Same in this situation.

Listening is powerful advice if you are trying to impress a girl.

Use Jokes in between conversation

Jokes can make even a serious situation into funny moments. Make her laugh by using jokes in between the conversation.

Even you too will feel comfortable and less nervous around her if you use jokes. This will make a friendly bond between you and her.

And also it’s a great way to tackle difficult situations.

Improve Yourself

For a great start focus on yourself first. Don’t get locked between situations so much that you forget yourself.

Girls are attracted to guys who work on themselves and who have a nice body and style.

Work on yourself and make a habit to find something that interests you the most. Like playing any indoor or outdoor game. Or find a goal or follow up your passion for playing musical instruments.

Any particular passion will grab the attention of most women.

These are psychologically driven results that are widely followed.

Girls like Compliments, so give genuine compliments

Complimenting is a good thing and who doesn’t like compliments.

Praise if you like something about her and that too without hesitation.

Don’t give her vague compliments, try something that makes her happy. This will make her feel special.

Overdoing it will make you look like a fool.

Girls avoid discourteous boys

Don’t use a harsh tone while explaining yourself. Rude behavior or talk may ruin your friendship. And girls too don’t like guys with angry behavior.

This should be your utmost priority to talk to girls in a friendly manner. Control your anger by cracking some jokes and even better to leave from there.

Don’t always say yes to her

Don’t always say yes or agree with her when you know that she is wrong. Make sure to make her understand that she is wrong at that particular point.

It’s all about how you communicate and handle everything. Always self-analyze the situation and then give your opinion. Take your stand and don’t be a puppet.

Avoid Following her everywhere

It is known that you want to talk to her or impress her but instead of following her everywhere try to give her own space.

Give her time otherwise she gets scared or might think you are some kind of a stalker.

Perfect timing and the right approach are always helpful and fruitful.

Don’t be overprotective

Protection is good but overprotection is bad.

It’s good if you are protective of her but overprotection can cause differences and her self esteem will start becoming low.

Even if a situation arises then you must tell her about the same.

Sometimes Ignorance also works

Sometimes ignorance can work for you. If you have tried so many methods to impress her then why not try the riskiest one.

It is mostly seen that if you start ignoring her then eventually she will start giving you more attention and time.

The psychology behind this is that the person starts feeling lonely or becomes unhappy if they are missing someone or missing an important aspect of their life.

Don’t waste your time if any of the above advice doesn’t work

Ok, so this is the last point that we going to discuss. It says that you should stop wasting your time if she doesn’t appreciate your efforts. Because there are many girls out there who are also waiting for the right kind of a boy and who knows that boy might be you.

Don’t lose your confidence. Because life goes on and will give you better choices in the future.

I hope you have read all the steps and understood them. You should try them to impress a girl. So, best of luck.

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