Ugg VS Emu – Which is a better Option?

Ugg VS Emu

Ugg and Emu are one of the most stylish and coziest shoes out there. Recently they have become a wardrobe staple for many people. Though both look identical from the distance which creates a big confusion when buying.

So, let’s discuss the difference between both and which is a better option for you.

Ugg vs emu

Ugg VS Emu

So let’s start with Uggs. As we all know uggs is a company that makes shoes, slippers, and other footwear. Most of their shoes are made of sheepskin.


Uggs was founded by a surfer named Brian Smith. He wants to create shoes that feel cozy and also dry quickly. This is to keep the feet cozy after surfing in cold and chilly waves.

  • So, he came up with the concept of sheepskin shoes which we all know now as Ugg boots.
  • He was Australian but the shoes became popular when he launched them on the shores of California.
  • But over the years, uggs have evolved in a way that people start wearing them casually and they have become cozy stylish shoes.

Not only common people, but many celebrities, and influencers were seen rocking these cozy sneakers.

Emu on the other hand are similar to uggs but the purpose of making emu is to create a shoe that is cozy and stylish at the same time.

Ugg VS Emu

  • Emu mini boots also originated in Australia.


Ugg VS Emu

Now, let’s talk about the material used in both boots.

  • Uggs boots are known for their comfort and plush feel under the feet. To achieve that level of comfort, the company uses the twin-faced sheepskin.
  • You might be wondering what twin-faced sheepskin is. Well, the twin here means that the shoes’ outer and interior are made of sheepskin material.
  • Sheepskin provides good insulation, it is soft and breathable.

The sheepskin used in Uggs is genuine and top-notch. The company uses a specific method to pick a sheepskin that is high quality. This will ensure that a wearer will get comfort and durability.

  • A lot of you might not know that sheepskin has some natural properties that provide breathability and moisture-wicking ability.
  • This is the main reason why Smith chose sheepskin over other materials.
  • The wool fiber in it traps the heat to provide a cozy feeling in the cold. On the other hand, it is also breathable which prevents overheating.

So let’s now talk about emu mini boots

As we already discussed, emu boots are replicas of Ugg boots and they also come from Australia. So, there are many similarities between both boots.

  • The material used to emu mini boots is sheepskin and Merino wool.
  • Just like uggs, the upper of emu boots is made of sheepskin. However, for the inner part, Merino wool is used.
  • Merino wool is known for its insulation. Merino wool is often used for winter trekking clothes and socks.

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Let’s talk about comfort.

Ugg VS Emu

When we talk about Uggs we know that the brand priority is comfort. But it is not easy to know the real truth as every person has different preferences.

So, to get a better understanding, I have dug up the web and customer reviews.

  • To be honest, uggs got mixed reviews in the comfort department.
  • Some people praised the fit and warmth of the boots. However, some people expected them to be more comfortable.

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On the other hand, if we talk about emu mini boots, then people have praised the softer inner lining and arch support.

  • Arch support in emu boots is considered to be superior in comparison to Uggs.
  • So, overall the conclusion is that people loved walking in emu boots more than uggs.
  • But the fit and warmth of the uggs has been praised by the wearer. Still, some people think that Uggs are not as comfortable as they thought they would be.

So, here is a thing. If you want comfortable shoes that you can wear outside then go with emu mini boots.

But if you like the style and fit of Uggs then go with Uggs. The best way is to try them both and then make a decision.


Ugg VS Emu

When it comes to durability both Uggs and Emu mini boots are durable.

  • However, they are not super durable like trekking shoes or other winter boots. You have to take extra care of these boots, especially in wet conditions or during snow.
  • Though both brands offer some durability, but one always has an edge over the other even if it is the slightest.
  • In the durability segment, emu mini boots are superior to uggs.

Many people find that emu mini boots have thick and dense material in comparison to Uggs, though the material used is the same in both boots.

  • On top of that, the rubber outsole of emu boots is said to be more sturdy and tough in comparison to the Uggs outsole.

So, overall we can say that emu mini boots are more durable than uggs.

However, it all comes down to the maintenance of shoes. If you take good care of Uggs then they might last you longer than the emu mini boots which get the least care


Price is the deciding factor when it comes to anything. Until and unless a few hundred dollars is not that much for you, price is going to be the deciding factor.

Ugg VS Emu

  • When it comes to price, Ugg boots are slightly on the costlier side.
  • Ugg boots will cost you somewhere between $150-$200. The price can go higher than this depending on design and additional features.
  • If we talk about emu mini boots then they will cost you somewhere around $80 to $120.

In most cases, you will find emu mini boots more budget-friendly.

The main reason behind that might be the popularity of Uggs. Uggs are more popular than emu boots which can add up to the final price.

On top of that, Ugg boots have sheepskin material on both the outside and inside of the shoes. This might add up to the final price.

But overall, it is clear that emu mini boots will save you some dollars in comparison to Uggs.

Which is a better option?

Ugg VS Emu

After reading the difference between both I think it is clear that buying Emu makes more sense than buying Uggs.

Emu will cost you less, they are tougher and slightly more comfortable than Uggs.

When it comes to craftsmanship, material quality, and stitching quality both brands are top-class and similar.

Though emu makes more sense, but if you are a fan of Uggs and invest in the legacy of shoes then you will not be disappointed.


Here are some ways to style Uggs and Emu:



Ugg VS Emu

2.Ugg VS Emu

3. Ugg VS Emu


1.Ugg VS Emu

2.Ugg VS Emu

3.Ugg VS Emu

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