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How to become confident? – Useful tips

how to be confident
how to be confident

Confidence is more of an inside game but it does leave a clue & that’s what we are going to be looking for. How do get confidence and how do you display it to other people. Starting with the first and foremost reason for the lack of confidence is superstition.

It does create fear and confusion in the minds of people.

How to become confident

Psychology plays a great role in determining the confidence of a person. But today we are here to tell you only about the basics of developing confidence.

Absolute Certainty

How can you develop a sense of absolute certainty that will help you in achieving your goals? The most important foundation of peace is relevant experience. Let’s understand it with an example if you have given 20 presentations then you are much more comfortable than when you gave your first.

That is what relevant experience is, meaning something successfully done in the past will definitely go that way only if you go for it again. Another example is of famous fighter Caron McGregor who for no reason at all just came up and seem to believe that he is gonna be great when he had no reason to.


Invest in something that works for you and makes you different from others. Possible only if you keep focus instead of wandering around.

The main point is that you should focus on the things that are under your control or you have control over. Confident people often make plans and strategies against the person to look for them. Making a 100% certainty to not go out on the things that they can’t control.


Visualization is the step where you get a taste of the relevant experience. It helps to gain relevant experience for the first time without actually doing it. Because the truth is that you might only get one chance in that big project that you will do.

Making space for relevant experience in your head. It’s about how you see things about yourself. The confident people make a mental image in their minds that they are the no. one in their field. In actuality, making visuals of the struggles that they have to go through to achieve any designation or an award. It’s all about getting up from the ground and overcome that challenge.

But most people, see things without realizing it and see things going terribly. We actually imagine things could go wrong & play these scenes over and over again in our head and almost guarantee that it will happen.

In reality, this is about actively engaging your own imagination to practice experience. The main problem is that our nervous system can’t differentiate between the experience we have in the real world and the experience that we vividly imagine.

Make a habit to use this to your own advantage. Go through and see the specific and concrete challenges that are coming in your way.

Henceforth, all the visualization in the world will not help if you can’t execute the basic mechanic of what you are trying to be confident in. So follow these steps to get a better picture of the world. And yourself, most importantly the confidence that you have to built-in yourself.
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