How Appearance Matters in Our Life?

How Appearance Matters in Our Life

We all are so busy with our day to day to a life that we almost forgot about or ignore the fact about how we look. You might think that you haven’t forgotten it but ignoring it purposely just because you have heard so many people saying or criticizing the people who try or have a unique appearance. You also got entangled in these untrue facts but the real truth is that a lot depends on how the person looks. See the thing is that our mind is diverted towards the negative thoughts faster than it is inclined towards the positive ones.

We may not agree on it but deep down inside we know that appearance of a person does matter. Whether you going for an interview or going out for shopping or even looking for investing partners or any other important thing the first impression that our mind has is how a person looks.

Many follow celebrities as their fashion icons why? That’s because they want to look more attractive and good to gather attention. Whoever gets more attention is more likely to get listened to and have an impact on the people.

Looking good doesn’t mean to buy branded clothes and wear them. What matters the most is how we carry them. You can wear branded clothes but still lack confidence and that charm. It’s all a play about how we wear them.


Our subconscious mind makes assumptions on various facts. And one of them is about appearance. We automatically get attracted to them who look great appearance-wise.

Like our mind subconsciously differentiate between what’s is wrong and what is right. In the same manner, the brain reacts to the appearance of a person.

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Why appearance matters?

Appearance does matter whether you believe it or not. We all have made assumptions about ourselves of how we look And how people perceive us. What’s your answer? Yes, you have. Whether you may deny but your subconscious mind already has made the assumptions.


Who doesn’t want to look good? Of course everyone. Have you ever Seen the interviewers or whom you admires the most? Do you know why your mind gets attracted to them? Or have you seen anyone in public speaking or who are influencing people? Do you what they have all in common?

The answer is simple their appearance. And by appearance doesn’t only means your clothes but how you’re walking and speaking, these all factors constitute an appearance.


In a hypothetical scenario, you are meeting someone for the first time. The first thing that your subconscious mind makes judgments about that person is how he is looking. In the same way, their subconscious mind does the same thing.

We know 5hat a book can’t be judged by its cover.

Before coming to any conclusion let’s discuss why one cannot avoid their appearance.


Effects of appearance

Till now we have discussed why we must give some time to how our appearance is.

  • Lacks confidence

The building block of anyone’s life is how much confidence they have in themselves. Even the tiniest thing that we do shows how much confidence do we have in ourselves.

A person who doesn’t focus on this or her appearance always lacks the quality of high self-esteem. Low self-esteem makes life difficult. Our brain is one of the most affected areas which makes us mentally weak and depressed. Leading us into the world full of worries and tensions.

Do you want a life like that? Always living under the shadow someone else. No right.

So why go through all these when we know the solution to the problem.

  • Lacks social interaction

Meeting new people is a whole new and different experience.

Imagine a situation when you’re going on a dinner date for the first time. Will you get dressed or just go in pajamas or whatever you wearing at the moment. Of course, you choose to get ready properly. Why because appearance does play an important role in life. The people who care less about their appearance are less likely to get engaged in social interactions.


How appearance affects your social life

everyone has a social life. Whether you believe it or not. Here we are not only talking about social media. It includes our day to day activities as well.

The first thing that people see when you are in a public meeting or place is how you present yourself in front of them.

Most studies show that people feel inferior if they aren’t dressed well or aren’t able to present themselves.

Social life is largely affected by appearance. We’re not talking about the facial features here. It just simply means how you carry yourself.


How appearance affects your working

It’s not gonna harm you if you just give some time to your appearance. You see how people crack a deal. They first impress the opposite party by their confidence and look. And then their way of talking and explaining. As an example, you can see Harvey Spector.

If you just give a little push to yourself then you can do the same.

If you want to achieve something big then you have to look after your appearance.


How Good  Appearance benefits you

  • Unique clothing style builds confidence

Saying with confidence is what everyone believes in. And to make it your strength, you practice various skills. But sometimes you leave the least heard aspect of building confidence. That is how your appearance is.

To get an edge in a group. You need to build your own clothing style.

Impress others and build confidence too with the style of your own.

  • How your appearance helps in your personality growth

Start Focusing on your appearance you will automatically see changes in your personality. You will feel more confident than before.

Make your personality more charming and attractive by giving time to your appearance as well.

  • Engagement depends on your appearance

keep yourself in interactive engagements with good appearance. A good confidence and personality level combined can do wonders. Engage with more people with good style and unique personality.

Make an impact on others with charming looks and bold attitude.

  • Positivity

A feeling of positivity makes you even more dedicated to doing your work with extra care. This is only possible if your subconscious mind is not wandering itself in some other negative thoughts.

I don’t you felt it or not but positive vibes sure arise when you have a unique personality.

  • Work progress

More strength comes to you when your personality stars to make a difference. Smart work in less time for enduring results.

Make your body fit and healthy by following a routine.


Tips to improve your appearance

  • Have a unique clothing style

Choose clothes that fit you and of your size. Try to match clothes and accessories. And Rock it with your confidence.

  • Body language

You have seen how appearance matters to us. body language is another factor that comes into play while trying to improve your appearance. Follow a daily routine to keep your body in shape and healthy. Exercise regularly and take proper diet to make a more attractive look. Afterall exercise is important for proper body functioning.


You have known till now how appearance plays an important role in our life. Share your own opinions on how you feel about it.


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