10 Travel Books to Partner You in Your Vacation

travel books to read
travel books to read

Who would not love to travel?

The love of exploring beauty is just another level and the best travel partner makes it a memorable one. Long hours of train, bus can be boring and tiring. You get a lot of dead time, even if you have finished talks with strangers, or packed with 8-hour blank stare; this part of the journey demands truly a travel partner to keep your excitements high to your journey. A travel book written to inspire, create imagination, helps you to learn about places you are visiting.

Do your traveling lists include these best choice travel books?

Books are the man’s best friend, and even if you are alone books won’t leave you there. Travel books accompany the darkness, the shining morning, peace in life, till the mountain peak. I am a passionate traveler, whenever I pack out my bags to a new place, these travel books have always been the top of my to-do list.
People believe traveling is not for reading, umm Yeah! But reading is definitely best when you are getting low on your spirits, feel like missing something. Travel books inspire in every way to help you live your journey and find the magic in every place your visit.

So we won’t let you wait for more to get your bags packed with these best traveling books to be your next travel partner.


1.The Alchemist

By Paulo Coelho

One of the most-read books of all time. The Alchemist is a simple but with a deep meaning, the book about the traveler in search of the treasure, to find adventure, the book gives a clear approach following your dreams and imagination.

The Alchemist is the story of a young shepherd traveling from Spain to Egypt in search of treasure to fulfill his desire and who finally ends up finding the real meaning of life, the journey to his dreams that matters the most.

Paulo inspires through his quotes the life of a traveler, embraces to faith the destiny of life. It is about following your dream and goal and achieving it; while doing so the whole universe conspires for its happening.

The Alchemist is one of those books which deserves a space in everyone’s travel suitcase.

2. Eat, Pray and Love

By Eliza Gilbert

This book is the best travel book one should carry during their journey. The story of a modern-day American woman, who traveled to explore herself leaving behind all the worries, everything that could divert her to find her nature.

The author describes her journeys to get herself pleasure she traveled long to Italy. From her journey,you get to inspire in yours.

The book is the masterpiece one could use to explore the world and your life while traveling. Traveling is essential to find what you love, feel, attract and live for. As it is said,” Travel your money will return, but your TIME won’t”.

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3. On the Road

By Jack Kerouac

This is the second novel of the Jack Kerouac which he completed in a span of three weeks but it took almost seven years to publish this book. The author from his real-life experiences and personality try to give readers a brief view of his life.

The story of Sal Paradise relating on every road he travels with the one wild and enthusiastic character Dean. The book is full of energy, speed, and intensity that will let you inspire at every moment and letter of reading.

Kerouac really hits with the descriptions of concerts, parties, landscapes, and all those beautiful descriptions of nature God filled with sound of emotion and are the best magnified.

4. Down Under

By Bill Bryson

Every time Bill writes, literature is turned to new meaning and forms. Whatever we listen to, we see it is not always we should feel.

Getting to the land of danger, deadly all around in a sunburned country Australia, Bill spread the light of love, cheer, food this place offers. When you believe in fear, it accompanies you in one way, if you spread love it will also accompany you with love.

The beauty of land, cities so clean and safe, extroverted people, the morning sunshine fills the pages of this wonderful book.

One who loves to explore the beauty of Australia must read this book to travel to such a place of high energy.

5. Into the Wild

By Jon Krakauer

John Krakauer’s Into the Wild is a good read for the travelers who see life through a different perspective of romanticism with nature.

The book tells the story of a young boy 22 Years old Chris McCandless who left everything behind, his family, friends, and so-called society to explore life in the wilderness of Alaska. Chris died early at the age of 24, due to the unprepared consequences of starvation.

Although the story reveals the death of an explorer in his journey. But one must read it to escape from becoming the so-called productive member of society and step on their own terms.

One thing really inspires in this book is about living for yourself. We have always lived for others, worked for others happiness, and somewhere lost our wishes and dreams.

So Travel, read, and live!

6. The Art of Travel

By Alain de Botton

We hear a lot about where to travel to, one answer we really don’t find is why. The Art of Travel is a collection of short stories that tells why and how to travel, more important how can we stay happy living in the new place.

While on your travel to a place, if you feel something is taking you back, reading this book fills the purpose because it tells what to do and how to be perfectly yourself with energy in our journeys.

The Art of Travel finds the best spots for helping realize the moments in our travel, small elements, talks, parties that all are part of our whole travel experience.

7. Travels with Charley: In Search of America

By John Steinbeck

The stories and words from the real-life traveler John Steinbeck, the book is best for several reasons. Journey of the author with his dog in his truck traveling to explore the history and culture of America.

To read his book is to walk with the great man across the expanse of human frailties and struggles the man is indulged in all the time

He is searching for the America of his youth from the viewpoint of a middle-aged, mature and skeptical man looking back over the changes that happened during his life and has very mixed views about the result.

Take a copy of this one-off with you, and cultivate your sense of curiosity with every step you travel to explore America.

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8. A Woman Alone: Travel Tales from Around the Globe

By Faith Conlon, Ingrid Emerick

Do you dare to travel solo? or Feeling daunting to travel in the space of wilderness. This travel book is written to let you go outside, get your fears out of being traveling alone.

Three women the contemporary pioneer set out their bags encouraging to do on their own terms. If you always seek to find a partner, pushing adventures to the next time, you are taking yourself far from the pleasure of real moments.

A Woman Alone is a compilation of short travel narratives…all by women, all of whom traveled alone. The stories from solo female travelers are real, transparent, and uplifting. This book will give you the start you need to face your fears and see the world all by yourself.

9. A Moveable Feast (Lonely Planet Travel Literature)

By Don George (edited)

So we travel for reasons, some of us to get peace, and some of us to explore and some to eat. All the foodies who travel to eat will find this book, the real gem in their journey.

A collection of short stories from the famous chefs, A Movable Feast describes how food brings people together to a place. In Indian culture food is the way to reach to the heart, food lovers seek for the famous eats that directly touches their heart.

While the main focus here may be food, it’s also love – of travel, of discovery, and of life. This wonderful collection will bring a desire to travel, in addition to a craving to your belly.


By Rolf Potts

We always postpone our travel for one or the other reason. We have to be more practical about living life.  Traveling is not a plan that needs preparation but it is an outlook of life to creativity, discovery, and the growth of the spirit.

This is one book that couldn’t miss a spot in any traveler’s list of books. Vagabonding that actually means traveling, traveling to explore, to change from your normal boring life.

Vagabonding is a special travel book with a more practical and flexible approach. If you are looking for a reason that pushes your routine limits, this book is a must-read for you. Rolf Potts is a traveler who sets on a journey for himself, to know what the real meaning of life is.

In his book, he shows how to travel with minimalistic expenses. How to maintain the travel budget, reach the destination and everything to handling the travel adversity.

This 10 collection of travel books are a success to your long journey of miles. Travel books shorten the distance transforming more than the journey itself.

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