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Waterproof A Zipper

3 Methods to Waterproof A Zipper

If you want to secure your zipper by waterproofing so that water doesn't get inside it then this article is for you. It doesn't...
men model doing summer fashion photoshoot

Can You Wear Loafers With Shorts ?

In recent years, the trend of loafers has been increasing in popularity. But can you wear loafers with shorts or not? Let's Find out...
How to wear a leather jacket without looking a Biker

How to wear a leather jacket without looking like a Biker ?

Nothing can replace a classic leather jacket, ever since from 1920s leather jackets never lost their place. Without a doubt, there is no way...
thick hair

How to Make your Hair Thick : Best Smart Tips to Overcome Thinness

credit:freepik   One of the common problems but less talked about is the thin hair problem. Generally, 50 to 60% of men face this problem in...

10 Hardcore Characters played by Dwayne Johnson in Movies Ranked

Dwayne Johnson is freaking insane and this can be seen by hardcore characters he played in his movies. I’m not talking about his rock...