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How to be Confident as a Short Girl

Nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone has their own opinion on a topic. Some people accept the reality by working on it and...
How long should a suit jacket be

How Long Should a Suit Jacket Be ?

For an event or any family function, suits are men's number one priority. Suits are classy but they do sometimes make you look like...
best books to read to improve writing skills

Top 5 books to read to improve Writing skills for Writers and Bloggers

Can reading books improve my writing? As a writer and a blogger, it is really important for me to improve my writing in a way...
Is Emery Rose Legit

Is Emery Rose Legit?

The name Emery Rose is a new player in the women's clothing arena, so people are asking, "Is Emery Rose legit?" Find out in...
Low impact exercises at home

Low Impact Exercises at Home

Low impact exercises are referred to as the easy exercises, that don't tear your body after a workout. If you are looking for low...