Are foam runners sturdy?

Are foam runners sturdy?

Yeezy foam runners hit the shoe industry with a wave that brought a massive change.

We are currently in a time where everything is changing, and Yeezy foam runners is the part of the same change. 

They are futuristic in design and retail at $75. They can go up to $400 without retail.

While their design brings uniqueness and change. Does their price really justify their sturdiness? Can they hold up like your regular shoes that cost half the price of these runners?


Well, this is what we are going to discuss in this Article. I will tell you whether foam runners are sturdy or not. And is it worth it to spend that money on them?

Besides that, I will also discuss the positives and negatives of Yeezy foam runners.

But first, let’s address the main question…

Are foam runners sturdy?

Are foam runners sturdy?

Yeezy foam runners are made by mixing Eva and algae foam. Basically, the foam is molded in a way that provides a single unit of shoe.

After reading the experiences of many people, I can confidently say that Yeezy foam runners are pretty solid or sturdy. 

  • You can wear them in any weather. The best thing is that you can wear them daily and still see no wear or tear until 2 months.
  • After 2 months of regular wear, you can see slight wear underneath the shoes.
  • However, besides that, you will not see any wear or feel that Yeezy foam runners are letting you down.

This is only true if you wear them everyday day wherever you go outside. Still, they can hold pretty well after many months or years of torture. 

“So, basically, the conclusion is that Yeezy foam runners are very sturdy and more durable than any normal shoe.

  • The only thing that you might not like about Yeezy foam runners while wearing is that they can make squeaky noises if they are wet
  • However, I don’t know how well they will hold up if you plan to wear them while hiking or running. 

On the bright side, they will be your friend and provide you with enough durability If your plan is to wear foam runners for walking purposes or doing daily chores while wearing them.

Things to consider

I hope now you know that foam runners are sturdy shoes. But there are some things that you should about these shoes.

They make noise

As I already discussed above, foam runners can a squeaky noise if they are wet.

  • So, if you have any problem with your footwear making that noise, then it is better to leave them at home in rainy weather. 
  • But you can wear them near a beach on a regular day with bright sun because they dry up pretty fast.

They can be bad on your ankle

Many people have this complaint regarding ankle rubbing against these shoes while walking.

  • This is mainly because the shoe has a grippy texture around the ankles to prevent the feet from coming up while moving forward. 
  • If you experience the same problem then you can wear socks to prevent it.

Fitting is always an issue

Sizing with Yeezy foam runners has always been an issue.

  • They come without laces which makes it harder to fix the size after buying.
  • However, they are considered to run half a size smaller than a normal size. 

So, it makes more sense to buy them half size up than your normal size. 

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You can not run in them

Yeezy foam runners do not hold up to their name.

  • Runner in its name doesn’t mean one can run in them. They will feel very uncomfortable if you plan to run in them.
  • Actually, Yeezy foams could be a better name. I don’t know why they added the runners in the name.
  • The only reason I can think of is its design. The design looks more sporty and futuristic, so that made them think that they could add runners at the end of the name.

Best thing about Yeezy foam runners

Besides sturdiness, the best thing about Yeezy runners is their comfort level. They are considered to be one of the most comfortable shoes out there. 

The reason why I said earlier that many people have worn foam runners every day is because they are that comfortable. 

They are super comfortable that you can stand and walk in them while wearing them as a whole. 

They are often compared with boosts in terms of comfort. 

The best thing about Yeezy foam runners is that they are comfortable from the start. 

  • Unlike Yeezy slides which need a good break-in period, foam runners are forgiving and comfortable from the start.
  • Even after a whole day of wearing, you will still feel comfortable in foam runners. I don’t know the reason, but they are super comfortable.

So, if we conclude, it is clear that Yeezy foam runners are sturdy and comfortable.

But do they justify the price they come at?

“Well, actually I don’t think they are worth $400.”

  • Firstly, they look like normal shoes and do not look as premium as you want them at the price.
  • Though they are comfortable and sturdy, but as do Crocs and they cost less.
  • I think if you want to buy them then getting them at retail is a better option as you can get them at around $80.
  • Getting them after retail makes no sense for me as they cost thrice the price of what they retail at.

On top of that, they are super casual shoes and it is challenging to style them with most outfits.

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