What Happens When a Male is Sexually Excited

what happens when a male is sexually excited
by gpointstudio

One day you were heading to your work and for no reason, your eyes catches one attractive woman on the way. And suddenly you get attracted or sexually excited in no time. This is very common and happens with most men.

However, most times men don’t know the real reason behind this. So, if you want to know what happens when a male is sexually excited then this article will go through it.

What happens when a male is sexually excited?

The mind is one complex part of the human body that performs a different reaction with the help of chemicals and neurons. This happens every time any strong thought triggers the mind, and sexual thought is one of the strongest thoughts for a mind.

When a male is sexually excited, the body and mind go through a physical and cognitive change in the presence of the cause of the thought. The source of thought triggered can be any person watching photos on social media, etc.


This will also make people act in a lot of different ways. sometimes one may develop a very strong urge for sex that the mind puts a halt to the logical thinking for a short span and start working on providing pleasure to it.

Whenever a brain receives a sexual signal, it not only creates a chemical reaction but also affects many body parts at the same time.

Blood flow increase

There are various things that happen when a man is sexually excited like an increase in blood flow in the genitals. In men, the blood flow increases to the head of the p***s.

Heart rate increase

Heart rate also increases as the sexual excitement increases. Your breathing will also get accelerated.

Erect of genetical

The extra blood flow at the head of the p***s in men leads to an erection. Sometimes this may become the reason for embarrassment if you are in any public place.

According to the book published in 1966 on sexual science, there are four different stages that the human body goes through. Men are likely to respond to these all four stages one by one. These four stages are Initial sex attraction, Plateau phase, org**m, and regulation phase.

However, the study has been criticized by many people at that time, still, professionals believe human goes through these stages during sexual arousal.

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Excitement phase happens

The first stage is the excitement stage where some parts of your brain get triggered or heightened. These parts are the amygdala, hypothalamus, and lastly the partial lobes.

This is the stage where the brain affects your thoughts and actions and makes you lean towards sexual intercourse. this is where the brain puts a stop to our thoughts.

This is the phase where –

  • Blood flow in the genital increases and make the p***s erect. While in women it results in swelling of the cl***ris and la**a m**ora (inner lips).
  • During this stage, men’s sc****fm becomes tight and leads to the secretion of lubricant. This happens with every man when they get sexually excited. on the other hand, the same is true with women, their va***a starts swelling and excreting the lubricant.

Plateau phase happens

Plateau is the second phase where the body gets ready for sex. This is also where the body gets slow though still maintains the urge for sex. During this phase, different things happen that lead to a physical change in men. On other hand, in women the change is negligible.

In men some physical changes are

  • contraction of urine muscles. this is to make the eja****tion process easy for men. The body plays the front role in the phase by making sure that the brain is focused on one thing which is sex.
  • During this phase, the breathing and heart keep increasing.
  • Another thing that happens in men is the tightening of men’s testicles. Along with that muscle tension also increases in men.
  • In women, the va***a becomes purple because of the continuous swelling due to increased blood flow.
  • Another thing that happens in women during this phase is cl***ris becomes highly sensitive. This can be painful.

Org**m phase happens

Org**m is the climax phase during which impact on the body is very high. It is the only way to release the build-up of sexual tension.

Many things go during this phase in our body and mind. While it is easy to find out what is changes is body going through during this phase, however same is not true with the brain.

Besides this, many researchers have done different experiments and were able to find the answer to the question by using the magnetic resonance method, in which they looked at the images of the brain and what are the changes it is going through during org**m.

Changes body go through this phase

  • Contraction of pelvic muscles. This contraction of muscle happens in men at the base of the pe**s, which leads to ej****ation.
  • The heart rate is also high or at its peak at this moment and lungs inhale more oxygen at this point.
  • In women, the va***al muscles contract, and the uterus also goes through rhythmic contractions.
  • This all is triggered during intercourse or self-pleasure (masturbation).

Change brain goes through during org**m

After the findings of the brain map during org**m, researchers came to the conclusion that most of the brain works properly during org**m.

However, there is one part of the brain that stops working during org**m which is the lateral orbitofrontal cortex. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for making decisions on the basis of reasoning.

Due to this, the brain is unable to make logical decisions which often results in losing the thoughts of fear or anxiety.

This makes the mind to be able to focus on arousal and does not get interrupted by outer thoughts. This is also the reason why it is hard for most men to think of other things during sex or to hold on longer.


During intercourse, most of the body parts are focused on one thing, which is making the body reach org**m. The thalamus is one small part of the brain located above the brain stem.

Though the primary function of this part is to relay motor and sensory signals to the cerebral cortex. It is also responsible for sleep and alertness. However, during intercourse, the main function of the thalamus is to integrate all information stored in your brain related to any touch, feel, sexual fantasies, etc.

The function of motor function helps you to move your body in an act of sex. While the cortex responsible for controlling the feeling in the genitals hits the peak to provide more pleasure.

Lastly, the Resolution phase happen

The last phase is the resolution phase in which blood flow decreases, breath gets back to normal, genitals are back to their normal size. After reaching the org**m which only lasts a few seconds, our brain releases the dopamine.

The resolution phase is called by many names such as well being phase or recovery phase.

In men, during this phase refractory period starts, during which it is hard for men to reach the org**m again.

However, it is completely different for women as they are capable of reaching org**m multiple times during this phase.

Why it is hard to control sexual excitement?

It is hard to control sexual excitement and there is a scientific reason behind this which is the release of dopamine, oxycontin, and prolactin hormones.

Dopamine is one of the happy hormones which gives the feeling of pleasure. It is formed automatically in the brain and released during intercourse or eating food, shopping, etc.

Because of the pleasure brain receives after the release of dopamine our brain gets wired to that and wants more of it, This also leads to addiction sometimes.

Besides dopamine, there is another hormone that is released after pleasure which is oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for the feeling of attachment one might develop. This hormone is often called a bonding hormone. It is one of the strongest hormones that put a great impact on our emotions.

Oxytocin is released along with another hormone which is the prolactin hormone. Prolactin is released by a gland at the base of the brain known as the pituitary gland. Prolactin hormone is responsible for many things like the production of milk in the female breast. However, after org**m, it also gives the feeling of satisfaction.

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