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How to Wear Button Up Shirt

How to Wear a Button Up Shirt

If you have passed your high school it's time for you to shift to shirts from t-shirts. The shirt is a versatile piece and...
Banded Hip Thrust exercises

Band Hip Thrust Exercises

Band Hip Thrust: Wondering how to do get stronger and bigger glutes? The answer is simple, Start hip thrust with the resistance band. Getting a...
ceo romance

Top 9 CEO Romance Novels- Fall in Love at Work

Love happens when you sometimes don't want to. It's a feeling irrespective of position and need. CEO Romance novels are something filled with thrill,...
kettlebell exercises

Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners

Confused about Kettlebell exercises for beginners? Here are some great ways on how to perform your ultimate strength with the use of kettlebell exercises. Kettlebell...
avoid underarm smell

How to avoid underarm smell ?

Do you get embarrassed when you walk into the room with a shirt loaded with underarm sweat and stinky smell? this is a common...