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How should a Puffer Jacket Fit ? 

Puffer jackets are back in style thanks to their warmth. They are really helpful in countering the harsh cold weather.  Quite a number of...

How To Grow a Mustache and Maintain it Like a Pro : Natural ways.

credit: freepik Mustaches Trend How to grow a mustache? Most asked question by men all over the world. One of the trademarks of your personality is...
Levis 511 vs 512

Levis 511 vs 512 : Jeans Difference

Levis is one of the trusted brands for jeans, but when you go out to buy Levis, there is always confusion as they offer...
Is polyester warmer than cotton?

Is polyester warmer than cotton?

Polyester and cotton, the most used and popular fabrics in the textile industries. Where cotton is a natural fiber, obtained from plants, polyester is...
Are Shorts Business Casual

Are Shorts Business Casual?

Shorts are a tricky clothing item when it comes to business casual dress codes. Some people say that shorts are never appropriate in a...