How to create good impression ? : 12 useful tips

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Have you tried some tricks to make you look cooler and smarter? Make yourself more likable. The various researchers from different corners of the world have studied techniques that will make people more likable in a group or at social places. 

You want someone to like you or talk to you or even remember you then these psychological tricks are for you. 

The methods specified below will help you to have a better relationship at home and workplace. 

But before that have you ever noticed the people who are more likable and easily noticeable. Think about it. What characteristics do they display when they talk or do to get noticed? If you noticed them well and good, but if you didn’t then start examining them. 


How to create good impression?

Warm welcome

Who doesn’t like to be welcomed? Everyone. A warm welcome shifts people’s attention. Shake hands with everyone to draw their attention towards you.

It’s a sign that everyone likes and fills the room with positive energy. To start a friendly conversation it’s the best way to go.

It leaves a good impression of you in people’s minds. So next time you meet someone to do this, it will be memorable for them even if they meet you for the first time. 

Eye contact

A person’s eyes speak a lot about the person without actually saying anything. A conversation to be effective eye contact is a must.

If you are in a meeting make eye contact with people with everyone suiting theirs. It shows that you are interested in talking and giving your 100% to it.

Or even if you are just randomly speaking with someone whom you want to like you then also it’s effective.

This gesture is used to clear out your points and the conversation to be effective.

Use mirroring

The means to copy the person’s gestures while interacting with them. The researchers have found out that the people who mimic others are more likable. 

Don’t use this technique for a bad intention or to hurt someone. It’s a simple method to make people like you more.

If you are interested in someone make sure to use this, it will make the atmosphere comfortable. 

Your partner will like you even more. The more the better isn’t it. 


Whether you’re a girl or a boy, compliments make you feel special. Right Obviously, who doesn’t want to get appreciated by their partners or from anyone like friends, co-workers, and many more. 

People associate with you in the same way as you treat them. If you say good things about them they will also start saying good things about you and vice versa is also true. 

In a group, highlight yourself, by passing compliments to each one present there. In this way, you will divert their attention towards you even if they aren’t listening to you in the first place.

And also helps in casting a good impression of you. This is one of the psychological tricks that benefit you in one or another way.

Build trust

Building trust, one of the most important aspects you should count for. Build the trust of the people by simply putting your points clearly and effectively.

Share some secrets, this will make the other person believe you even more. 

Ask questions that disclose deep thoughts. Start with easy ones like what did you do yesterday? Or what’s your favorite game. Though they sound simple but are effective in building the trust of people. 

This will also build an understanding between two people or more. 

Rubbing hands

Rubbing hands, a gesture used to show positive thinking. If a person rubs his hands, they are thinking of the benefits. 

Rub your hands to make yourself think positively. 


Smiling makes you more likable. A study shows that regardless of anybody’s language, a smile is liked by everyone.

Whenever you are in a group or trying to impress someone keep your face charming with a smile. Smiling attracts everyone is a true fact. And most used psychological tricks.

Apart from this it also controls your anger.

It also removes stress and nervousness making you even more comfortable with the situations.

Smiles do wonders, it can turn a bitter relationship into a friendly relationship. 

Use Humor

A conversation becomes easier with the usage of humor. A joke between the conversation lightens up everyone’s mood.

The funniest people are more likable and attract a wide audience. Cracking jokes in between will ease the atmosphere from serious to relaxing. 

This will increase bonding between partners. You might have also noticed that the funniest people in your group are more memorable and catch your attention.

To make a relationship stronger and better display your humorous side to your closest ones. 

Eyes Shifting

We have discussed eye contact but here you will know how to read or what they convey. Eyes shifting or eyes closing is a gesture that shows no interest in talking. 

If you see anyone doing this while talking then they aren’t paying attention to you. They just want to end the conversation. It’s not because they are scared of you but maybe because they are tired.

It’s better to leave and talk to someone who is interested in talking and listening.

Covering their mouth

It’s one other psychological trait that prevents revealing anything. When interacting with someone these people cover their mouth or do fake coughing to instantly stop words to come out from their mouth. 

Most of us have done this in our life. Don’t consider it a bad sign. 

Sometimes nervousness and shyness are reasons for doing this. 

Crossing arms

No doubt it’s the most comfortable thing to do in public. But researchers have analyzed it differently. They said it’s mostly used in cases where people aren’t comfortable with the situation or want to cut off from people.

See if anyone in your circle most often crosses arms, then he might be feeling uncomfortable or don’t want to get involved. Great source to know the person without telling them anything.

Fixing Tie 

Fixing ties is common.  The possibility of doing so in front of a woman means you like her and want to impress her. The other possibility is because he is uncomfortable and wants to leave there as soon as possible.

Every step counts so prepare and practice these psychological tricks to make you more likable among a group of people.

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