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importance of positive attitude

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“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”

Attitude is what governs your life. Every decision you make is a virtue of your attitude towards it. An influential element of human behavior is what an ATTITUDE you have towards life,and how you react to day to day activities. 

Attitude is a quality that every person has. The nature of it depends upon various factors. Before knowing its nature and factor let’s talk about how attitude is important in our lives.



How important is attitude

Let’s start with a short story. A story of two different men who want to plant fruits. One started and took immediate actions and planted them. While the other is still thinking and waiting for god knows what. The difference between the two men is their attitude. One is still thinking and the other one has already pursued it.

A positive attitude will keep you moving forward while the negative can badly affect your health and will become hindrance to your success.

You get to know your attitude from the little little things you do on a daily basis. The ability to never give up, not easily get discouraged by rejection and a positive outlook towards your life will help to attain your dreams and goals.


It’s not always your fault that you are not having the right attitude. Sometimes the circumstances and situations are the reason for your attitude. 

Have you ever wondered why can’t we be as successful as other people, organisations?

The reason for this is your mindset i-e your attitude


A positive attitude cannot be formed overnight, it’s the process which demands time and desire.


Factors that governs attitude

You are aware of its importance now but what are the factors that identify your attitude or that govern your attitude? Till so far there are only 3’E of attitude.

They are




Let’s discuss them in detail.



The environment is what you are grown into. It can be your home, school life, work place, your background, beliefs and traditions, and your social life as well. 

A positive life cannot have a negative mind and its vice versa is also true. The same way the surroundings have an effect on your attitude. The negative environment will decrease your positivity and healthy environment will enhance it. It is solely up to you which path you want to choose for yourself. Either you can live in the pseudo world that is around you or you can make yourself come out from these unhealthy beliefs and start learning what is actually true and good for you.

Now is time for you to enhance which brings certainty and a positive outlook.



What we gain is what we attain in our lives. Our attitude changes in the same way. The experiences we share with anyone and how we behave or they behave with you determines your attitude. 

You can relate it to the experience of your’s with someone. If you have a good response from someone, your attitude becomes positive towards them and vice versa.

Try to build a positive attitude and get unaffected by the negative people or events.



The best key to problems is knowledge. Not only academic but informal education as well which ensures your success and your mindset. Knowledge, the weapon that can turn your life. Grasp as much knowledge as you can from different sources. 

The desire to learn should be infinite that it can beat most of your negativity. A person with a positive attitude is always welcomed by everyone. So, try to become that person for your healthy living.


Benefits of positive attitude in our lives

People who possess a positive attitude enjoy it’s benefits. The benefits are


First, is a healthy mind

Positivity increases productivity

Productivity ensures profits

It reduces unnecessary tension and stress

Gateway of solutions to many problems

Helps in building trust

Fosters teamwork

Better relationships at home and work place too

Enhances qualities

Improves personality

Positive environment

And many more…


How can you attain a positive attitude?

Desire to learn

Desire to learn is much needed while exploring and learning something new. Whether it’s a skill or you are trying to attain a positive attitude for a better future, desire is a must. Just as the medicine works for your wounds, in the same way desire works for you to attain a positive attitude. Make yourself ready to face any situation or difficulty, you just need a weapon for it called Positive attitude.

Look at the brighter side

Looking at the brighter side will boost your inner strength and will shift your little bit of energy to positivism. Today’s companies are looking for those employees who are good at working and have the energy to illuminate the office with positivity.  A little bit of effort and looking at the bigger picture of a positive attitude will surely do wonders to you and your life. Go through its benefits once again if you feel the desire is lacking. Imagine what it would be like if you had a positive attitude. Study them and practice on a daily basis.

Self talk 

Before coming to any conclusion, do self talking. Self talk makes us stronger from inside and clears our doubts and problems. Avoid even having the slight bit of negative energy and shift your focus on positive aspects. If you have not the habit to do self talk practice it on a piece of paper. Keep yourself away from negative people or try to explain to them the benefits of positive attitude. 



Visualization is a great tool that works for you. Visualize yourself in different situations and try to figure out the ways to handle them. In this way you are already aware of the solutions if you encounter them. Start visualizing small small things from your daily life. Make your life stronger and greater by using visualization.



Mediation is a great way to get rid of negative energies. Mediation brings positivity and peace if followed regularly. Add this in your daily routine and practice. For a peaceful mind this will definitely and even give relaxation to your body. Most preferable technique used by large people to attain peace in their lives.


Positivity brings peace along with great enthusiasm and opportunities. Work harder, follow up your routine and start working on your goal of attaining a positive attitude now.



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