Are bananas good for abs?

Are bananas good for abs?
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Bananas one of the universal fruit that you can have year-round. Any diet gym diet is incomplete without bananas, or it is? Let’s know how eating bananas affect our body. Does it gain weight? are bananas good for abs? . Let’s know and understand it better.

Are bananas good for abs?

Eating banana through your cutting phase has no bad impact on abs. Bananas is one of the fruits recommended for weight loss because of the dietary fibers and low to medium GI index. Bananas also eliminate water retention because of the potassium present in it. So, eating bananas has no direct impact on your abs if you know the quantity required, and when to eat bananas so that your body doesn’t store it as fat. All answers are explained below.

But first, let’s know what is gi index?

GI index the graph on which fruits are ranked according to their ability to raise blood sugar level after consumption. The greater the no. For the fruit on the graph, the more spike it produces in sugar level. And among all fruits banana is ranked in between around 52, still lower than mango and other fruits. Another important fact that makes the banana good for abs is its dietary fiber, which improves the body’s digestion rate.

Apple, raw† 36 ± 2
Orange, raw† 43 ± 3
Banana, raw† 51 ± 3
Pineapple, raw 59 ± 8
Mango, raw† 51 ± 5
Watermelon, raw 76 ± 4
Dates, raw 42 ± 4
Peaches, canned† 43 ± 5
Strawberry jam/jelly 49 ± 3
Apple juice 41 ± 2
Orange juice 50 ± 2

Credit: Harvard Medical School


How many bananas are good for abs?

according to USDA, eating 2 bananas per day is the best option for an average adult human. But it gets complicated when you are in the cutting phase and eating extra quantity can be bad for your abs or maintaining the proper physique. So how many bananas are good for you?

The answer is not that simple, to understand this you should know the nutritional facts a banana contains.

Total Carbohydrate – 30g
Potassium – 450mg
Sugars – 14g
Protein – 1g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C

Now, you know the nutritional facts of bananas. First, you should know your fitness goal- is it musclebuilding or only fat loss. If you work out daily and train your whole body including abs then eating 3 banans is a good option. Let’s see how- a single banana has 25 grams of carbs and 24 grams of sugar. these are the most important factors on which you should calculate the quantity. Now if you take 3 bananas the sugar level goes to 42 grams which is under the limit, and carbs go up to 75 grams which is also normal and can be burned through the workout. So, eating 3 bananas is normal even if you want to maintain good abs. The person can also go up to 4 bananas if his/her routine follows the other heavy workout.

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Note: Eating bananas is not bad for abs if taken in quantity. Even the study shows that being rich in potassium and soluble fiber eating 2 bananas daily reduce the bloated stomach and remove the extra sodium stored in the body.  on the other hand, fiber Also helps in curing the constipation problem.

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what if you only do cardio or lightweight exercise?

Then you should decrease the quantity to 1 or 2 to maintain a healthy balance between sugar and carbs. If you increase the quantity to more, the sugar level goes up. now this is a natural sugar but if you don’t burn it, the body store it as fat.


conclusion: 3 bananas are good for abs if your routine follows the heavy workout. 1 or 2 is recommended with a moderate workout routine or if your goal is losing fat.

When to eat bananas for good abs?

There is no specific time but make sure it is before 2 to 3 hours of your workout. Let’s understand why?

The best time to eat bananas is as your pre-workout meal before abs workout because no. one it digests quickly because the body does not take long to digest potassium, second, it provides energy to perform better because of the spike in sugar level. All calories are burned during a workout. but the main thing is to understand the time gap and how well-ripened is the banana?

A new ripened banana takes a longer time to digest than the well-ripened banana because the starch is not fully broken, due to this ripened bananas are also sweeter than new bananas. So which banana is good? Eating a ripened banana is a good option but make sure you eat it before 2 hours of your abs workout because it is best to train your abs with an empty stomach for better results.

Note: Doing an abdomen workout with an empty stomach will surely bring you better results. But you still need energy and nutrition to fuel your body, so eating well-ripened bananas 2 or 3 hrs prior to your abs workout is a great option, unless your abs workout follows the morning routine because then caffeine or not eating at all is the best option. 


How overdose on bananas can harm your abs?

Eating too many bananas is never a good option for your abs and neither for your health. If you eat too many bananas according to your body requirement on regular basis, then it sure will give you health problems like- Sugar imbalance (sugar level goes up and may lead to other health issues), Weight gain(the body will start storing extra carbs in the form of fat if you do not burn them), and nutrient deficiency.

Note: eating bananas will not result in weight gain unless your intake is over. Everything you eat in extra quantity even protein, the body will store it as fat.

Is it mandatory to eat bananas for abs?

Banana is an energy source for the body, banana converts glucose into glycogen which gives the energy to run the system(body). But there are other sources that can replace Bannan if the goal is energy. So, if you only want glucose then the banana is not mandatory for abs. But including bananas in your diet has a lot more advantages than not including it. As discussed above banana has a lot of natural benefits and some physiological benefits like- eating a banana help in improving the mood and get relief from stress. So, eating a banana has more benefits than not eating it, also it doesn’t affect your abs if you consume according to your body requirement.

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