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The power of saying No

Benefits of saying no : 5 lifechanging benefits

" Yes,'' is a three-letter word that affects our life both positively and negatively. We mostly seem to find the easiest way to get...
scary tv shows

10 Best Scary TV Shows that Get you Hooked and Get your Blood Racing

Whether you are a supernatural believer or just looking for a good thriller tv show to get your blood racing then you are at...
tuxedo with cowboy boots

How To Wear Tuxedo With Cowboy Boots ?

Wearing cowboy boots with formals like tuxedos and suits is not a new trend. But most people get confused on how to wear something...
army zombie movies

Army zombie movies

Ever since the first dead person turned into a zombie and started hunting humans, there have been movies, tv shows shuffling. Over the century,...
What to wear with black boots men's

What to wear with black boots mens

Black is one old classic and versatile color that compliments a lot of outfits. That said, winters are here and we must have boots...