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How can a smile change life?

Smile That Sets Everything Straight | Change Our World

"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight."- Phyllis Diller When actually you smile? When you are happy. A smile fades away the unnecessary...
Is Jif peanut Butter safe for dogs?

Is Jif peanut Butter safe for dogs?

Peanut butter is an awesome treat if dogs and most dogs love it! Besides its nutrient ingredients which are good for dogs, peanut butter...
Exercises to Avoid With Knee Pain

Exercises to Avoid With Knee Pain

There are a lot of injuries and pains such as ligament tears, minuscule tears, etc. But there are some things to keep in check...
Bill Gates

Bill Gates top recommended books for growth

What the world's most successful billionaire teach us? Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder is a very passionate reader. Bill Gates when interviewed about his routine,...
Kettlebell workout for abs at home

Kettlebell Workout for Abs at Home to Get Six-pack Abs

You don't fancy machinery or an expensive gym membership to get rock hard abs. Just a Kettlebell would be enough. Everyone wants to get...