Antenna is a analytic platform, which shows the anylytics of streaming services.

Last month Antenna showed a huge elevation in number of sign ups for Netflix.

Image Credit: Freepik

Singups for the Netflix beated the record of the last four years. This is between 2019-2023, since Antenna started collected the Analytics of Netflix.

This reason behind it is not any web-series or movie but a controversial step by Netflix.

Last Month Netflix Implemented password sharing crackdown. After which the numbers of sign ups increased rapidly according to Antenna analytics.

Between May 25 -28 is when Netflix gained the most users. 26 and 27 are the two biggest days when Netflix gained around 100000 users.

In a blog, Netflix shared that one can share their account in one household. 

Everyone in the family can Access the Netflix from anywhere. If one wants to share their account with friend or third person, they have to pay extra $7.

Image Credit: Freepik