stronger is a 2017 motivational biographical movie, based on memoir. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal  who loses his both legs and has to survive with the fact  that he can never walk again.

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Luther is one of the best movies you can watch on Netflix in 2023. It is a crime thriller Movie which stars Idris Elba as a main lead.

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This movie is based on true events. It showcases how a women wins a lottery and latter runs out charm. But it was too late for her release. .

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If you are a sports love, espicially NBA, than you are going to love this movie on Netflix. It is one of the best movies that has touch of comedy with motivation as well.

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Magic Mike

Magic mike is 2012 comedy drama movie, which is based on Male stripping. A 19 year old boy enters the world of male stripping with the guide who already had a experience in  the business.

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The 2022 released Movie The good nurse is a biographical crime thriller movie. The movie is about a Nurse who thinks her colleague is a serial killer.

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The Good  Nurse


Anti war movies are super hot among audience. If you like war movies you are going to love this epic concept of anti war. It is based on novel 1929 novel of the same name.

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All Quiet On The Front


Pinnochio is an animated dark fantasy movie, which was inspired by 1883 Italian Novel "Adventures of Pinnochio". It is also one of the best movies that you can watch on Netflix in 2023. The movie was released in 2022.

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It is a British Historical Movie on Vikings. If you are a fan of Shows like Game of thrones or Vikings, you are going to love this Movie.

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seven kings Must Die